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01/03/2017 - Barfield Becomes Official Cleano Supplier

Barfield signs exclusive contract to distribute green cleaning product worldwide.

Miami, 1ST March 2017 - US firm CLEANO Inc. has chosen AFI KLM E&M subsidiary BARFIELD as its national and international distributor for its Aviation Grade Cleano product, developed for the aircraft industry. Cleano is a powerful, ultra-concentrated environmentally friendly cleaning product that is biodegradable and non-toxic. Certified by Boeing (# D6-17487), Cleano causes no deterioration, corrosion or discoloring and leaves no residues or stains on aircraft and aircraft parts.

A market-first green product
Unlike other cleaning products used in the aircraft industry and its maintenance sector, Cleano is free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which makes it an environment-friendly product that is safer for people to use. It can be diluted for use in a great variety of aircraft maintenance applications, such as cleaning helicopter rotor blades and exhaust pipes, removing tire-marks on concrete, and cleaning aircraft portholes and windshields without scratching them. Its harmless formulation also ensures it is safe and easy to store. Barfield has already begun using Cleano in its own facilities.

International distribution
With this exclusive distribution contract, Barfield is about to enter the market for green cleaning products and intends to deploy their use throughout the aviation community.
Steve Lach, Co-founder of CLEANO Inc. said: "Despite the size of the Barfield maintenance market presence, the company maintains close ties with its clients, large or small. This is an important value for us, which convinced us to choose Barfield as our product distributor worldwide."
Victor Bontorno, Barfield Ground Support Test Equipment and Distribution Sales Director added: "In the United States and elsewhere, we are present at all the biggest MRO trade shows, which will give this revolutionary cleaning product the visibility it deserves. After Boeing, we aim to get approvals from other OAMs and OEMs to make Cleano the go-to product. We are also delighted that we can rely on our own distributors, who will be able to grow this market even more widely."
At a time when more and more industry players are becoming concerned about the impact of their business on the environment and people's health, there is increasing demand for greener solutions. Cleano is the answer to this growing need.

In 2017, Barfield will be present at the HAI trade show in Dallas, at the MRO Americas in Orlando, at ALEA in Reno, as well as in Las Vegas for the NBAA show, giving out free samples of Cleano.

About CLEANO, Inc
Incorporated in 2013, CLEANO, Inc. is a member of ALEA, the Airborne Law Enforcement Association, and of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). CLEANO's co-founders, Steve Lach and former Los Angeles County Sherriff Deputy Lyle Smith, pooled their years of experience to bridge the gap between traditional petroleum-based chemical cleaners and the ultimate aim of providing A&P, FBO and MRO firms with an effective, genuinely green product that can be used in a wide array of aircraft maintenance applications.

About Barfield
Barfield consists of 500 employees across its facilities in Miami, Phoenix, Louisville and Atlanta. With its leading facilities, Barfield can satisfy the needs of customers operating commercial or regional fleets in North, Central and South America. From MRO Services to Distribution and Ground Support Test Equipment (GSTE), Barfield provides complete tailor-made support programs for A320 family, 737, Bombardier, Dash 8, ATR 42 & 72 and Embraer 170 & 190 aircraft  to operators in need of inventory and logistics solutions, repair management programs, engineering and fleet support, and component reliability management. Barfield is part of the AFI KLM E&M network, a major MRO provider. www.barfieldinc.com


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