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07/02/2018 - AFI KLM E&M Accelerates Pace Of MRO Innovation

At the Singapore Airshow, AFI KLM E&M is showcasing its dedication to innovation and its investment in developing new solutions tailored to the challenges of aircraft maintenance.

Paris, Amstelveen, 7 February 2018 - To mark its presence at the Singapore Airshow from 6-11 February, and with 2018 being declared "Innovation Year 2018 France Singapore", AFI KLM E&M is highlighting the importance of innovation for optimizing MRO services and processes. For many years, AFI KLM E&M has been developing an in-house mindset directed towards these topics, partly through internal programs like participative Innovation Programs, and partly via partnerships with startups, universities, and other aviation or industrial players.

The MRO Lab, the innovation "pipeline" made in AFI KLM E&M
In 2015, AFI KLM E&M put its strong, lasting commitment to innovation on a formal footing by launching "The MRO Lab" - Adaptive Innovations program, designed to group, structure, develop and add value to R&D and innovation capabilities at the Paris and Amsterdam units, and throughout AFI KLM E&M's global MRO network. Since then, several innovative, high value-added solutions oriented towards employees and client airlines have been designed, tested, produced and marketed. One such is the PROGNOS® suite, a predictive analysis program that is already operational for many types of engines and aircraft systems, and is able to identify any failures before they occur, to optimize maintenance work. The solution has already proven its effectiveness: the first systems covered by "PROGNOS® for Aircraft", which featured in the Top 5 causes of flight delays and cancellations, are no longer such.

At the heart of the Asian innovation crossroads
In 2016, AFI KLM E&M launched "The MRO Lab Singapore", directly derived from the MRO Lab program created in partnership with RAMCO Systems, which specializes in software solutions dedicated to the MRO sector. Located in one of South East Asia's leading innovation centers, "The MRO Lab Singapore" is also capitalizing on local units of the AIR FRANCE KLM Group, such as logistic and MRO centers, the outstation, the regional management, and the new "Singapore Component Solutions" joint venture, to trial solutions developed in an operational context.

James Kornberg, AFI KLM E&M Innovation Director, said: "In this "Innovation Year 2018 France Singapore", "The MRO Lab Singapore" testifies to the momentum that exists at local level and between the two countries in this area, while developing and promoting the Group's potential for innovation. "The MRO Lab Singapore" has already developed, trialed, and in some cases put into production several unique solutions, including an MRO sharing platform for airlines operating the 787, as well as innovative, adaptable, information and communication interfaces - web portals, Apps, chatbots, etc. - for customers interested in components products."

Check out AFI KLM E&M "The MRO Lab" demonstrations
Visit our booth in the French Pavilion position G10 to find out more on the following innovations:
- Adaptive interfaces for our customers, with a special focus on components
- Brand new innovation for the engine shop, using the mixed reality HoloLens glasses
- PROGNOS® for aircraft and APU

Photo: PROGNOS® for aircraft


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