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07/04/2014 - AFI KLM E&M And Boeing Extend 777 CSP Partnership

In the space of a decade, the Component Services Program (CSP) has established itself as the flagship MRO solution for Boeing 777 fleet component support.

Paris, Amstelveen, 7 April 2014 - Boeing and AFI KLM E&M have ratified a long-term renewal of their common 777 component support program. It was in 2003 that the two partners decided to launch the joint initiative, dubbed the Component Services Program, which benefited from their combined expertise: a perfect knowledge of 777 systems and components from manufacturer Boeing, and an in-depth understanding of its commercial operation from AFI KLM E&M - the MRO arm of the 777's launch airline. This unique partnership means the Component Services Program is a support program like no other on the market, renowned for its incomparable efficiency, both in terms of pricing and service level.

Best-selling offer
"Over the years, the 777 Component Services Program has demonstrated its economic competitiveness, reliability and excellent technical quality," said Bernard Hensey, Boeing Commercial Aviation Services vice president of Fleet Management. "We're delighted to renew a program that is a significant part of Boeing's commitment to delivering a competitive advantage to customers in today's complex aviation industry."

Franck Terner, Executive Vice President AIR FRANCE KLM Engineering & Maintenance, said: "This renewal is the logical outcome of the Component Services Program's tremendous commercial success since its inception. It also means renewed recognition of AFI KLM E&M's quality and technical expertise: The program demonstrates the trust Boeing places in our MRO services, and the trust of our Component Services Program client airlines."

Since the launch of the 777 Component Services Program, 47 percent of all new 777 operators have opted to take part in the program. To date, the joint Boeing and AFI KLM E&M offer includes 18 airlines under contract worldwide for a total of 177 aircraft supported. Additional airlines are also showing their interest: in 2013, in addition to signing up Garuda for ten aircraft, the 777 CSP also renewed existing contracts with TAAG Angola Airlines, Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines.

About the Boeing Edge
Boeing offers the industry's broadest range of aviation services, including Fleet Services aligned with customers' engineering and maintenance functions. Fleet Services supports airplanes by providing product support engineering and maintenance, aircraft-on-ground services, passenger-to-freighter conversions, modifications and performance upgrades, and management of airline fleets. Field service representatives are stationed around the world, and a 24/7 global operations center offers real-time collaboration with customers and suppliers.

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