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09/09/2014 - AFI KLM E&M Awarded Best Source of Repair by Nato Support Agency

Further recognition of quality of services provided for military product.

Paris, Amstelveen, 9 September 2014 - AFI KLM E&M has been appointed best Source Of Repair (SOR) by the Nato Support Agency (NSPA) and the International Aerospace Management Company (IAMCO), the organization responsible for maintenance on Nato's fleet of E3A AWACS aircraft.

Continuous improvement efforts rewarded
This award has been presented each year since 1999 to the most effective source of component repairs for Nato's fleet of E-3A AWACS surveillance aircraft. The NSPA and IAMCO jointly assess the level of supplier performance according to three criteria: punctuality (TAT), quality (of service and quality assurance) and contract management. The SOR 2013 award has gone to AFI KLM E&M.
Thom Grobben, Vice-President Component Services, KLM E&M, said: "The work we have been doing for IAMCO on the E3As is a major and highly gratifying aspect of our business. We are constantly striving to respond favourably and efficiently to IAMCO's requirements, and to do that are investing in internal improvement initiatives and programs. This accolade clearly demonstrates that those efforts have paid off. For the Group, this means that constant attention should be paid to this type of sustainable, integrated process, and that such attention and unbroken effort will always be rewarded."
Ton Dortmans, Executive vice-President, KLM E&M, added: "We are very proud to receive this prestigious award, which showcases our ability to develop and provide reliable, top-flight component support services. It is a privilege for us to help maintain Nato's AWACS fleet and we fully intend to continue this cooperation over the long term by continuously optimizing our operational processes to provide an ever more efficient service."

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