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13/04/2015 - SATENA and Barfield extend their ATR support agreement

SATENA signs long term contract with Barfield which will cover their fleet of ATR42-500/-600 and ATR72-500 aircraft.

Paris, Amstelveen, Miami 15 April 2014 - Barfield, an AFI KLM E&M company, started supporting SATENA ATR fleet in December 2010 through its Airline programs business unit, dedicated to full PBH support programs. The services provided to the Colombian airline include component and engineering support, pool access and Main Base inventory to cover their ATR fleet.

"I am proud that SATENA chose Barfield as their main component support provider for their new fleet of ATR42-600 for the coming years. This shows that SATENA values the competitive advantage that we offer and the trust SATENA has built with us over the years.  I sincerely hope that our partnership will continue to grow and that our expertise on regional aircraft will continue bringing them success," said Johann Panier, Barfield's Chief Executive Officer.

For the past few years, SATENA, owned by the Colombian government, has been undergoing strong fleet modernization, integrating aircraft types such as ATR42-500, ATR72-500, and soon ATR42-600 ranking itself as a leader by developing routes operated in regions of strong topography where no commercial airlines are currently flying.

Servicio Aéro a Territorios Nacionales is a Colombian Government owned airline located in Bogotá, Colombia. It operates regional, domestic routes.
Its main mission is to provide the air transport service and develop policy and general plans in regard to air transportation for the less developed regions of the country adopted by the National Government, contributing to the development and integration in social and cultural aspects, as well as linking remote regions of the country to the economy and national life. www.satena.com


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