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14/02/2017 - Luxair Maintains Trust In AFI KLM E&M And EPCOR

Luxembourg carrier extends APU support contract with EPCOR, an AFI KLM E&M subsidiary.

Paris, Amstelveen, 14 February 2017 - Luxair has decided to extend its contract with AFI KLM E&M subsidiary EPCOR, which specializes in Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) and pneumatic component maintenance. EPCOR will continue to provide maintenance and overhaul services for the APUs equipping its fleet of Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft: two 737-700s and four 737-800s.

Continuing a fruitful cooperation
For Luxair, the decision to extend its cooperation with EPCOR was above all based on the quality and reliability of the maintenance services delivered by the AFI KLM E&M subsidiary in recent years under the APU support contract covering the Luxembourg carrier's 737NG fleet. Luxair was able to see EPCOR's expertise in the APU maintenance segment in action, as well as the reliability of its overhaul services, convincing it to extend its trust for several more years. Christophe Henriot, Head of Technical Services at LuxairGroup, praised the "exacting quality of the maintenance solutions offered by EPCOR, a reliable partner for our operations. By extending this contract, we are expressing our satisfaction at the services delivered in recent years, and also our confidence that EPCOR will continue to provide support to a very high level for the APUs equipping our 737NGs." EPCOR Managing Director Dennis Wetjens said: "The fact that a leading airline like Luxair has renewed its confidence in our expertise is a precious sign of recognition – the recognition of our know-how on APU products, and the suitability and competitiveness of the solutions we develop and implement to guarantee optimum maintenance conditions."

About Luxair Luxembourg Airlines
Luxair Luxembourg Airlines is Luxembourg's flagship carrier and one of LuxairGroup's four business units. As a regional airline, it offers convenient connections to the major European cities, business centres, and international hubs, offering flexibility and excellent quality travel for business and leisure customers alike.

EPCOR is a wholly owned subsidiary of KLM Engineering & Maintenance, part of the AIR FRANCE KLM group, holding EASA, CAAC, CAAV and FAR 145 certification. Within the group EPCOR provides MRO support for the APUs and pneumatic systems of a wide range of commercial aircraft. EPCOR maintains APUs on Boeing 737NG, 777 and 787 Airbus A320 (GTCP131-9A & APS3200), A330, A340 and the APS2300 APU for the Embraer 170/190 aircraft. EPCOR is a licensed and OEM warranty approved Honeywell and Pratt & Whitney AeroPower (former HSPS) Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) repair centre. Besides the APU capability EPCOR also maintains and overhauls air cycle machines on 737, 777, 787 and Emb170/190, environmental control systems, starters, leading-edge flap drive units and many other pneumatic and nitrogen components installed on large commercial aircraft. www.epcor.nl

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