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19/11/2014 - AFI KLM E&M Awarded EASA Certification For GEnx Maintenance

Certification confirms AFI KLM E&M expertise and commitment to support new-generation jet engines.

Paris, Amstelveen, 19 November 2014 - The GEnx new-generation powerplant that will equip the AIR FRANCE KLM fleet of Boeing 787s from the end of next year represents another step towards the future in MRO terms. AFI KLM E&M teams will be capable for maintenance, repair and overhaul at its Schiphol engine shop. As first step AFI KLM E&M has obtained its first Quick Turn (QT) capability in October. Final testing will be carried out at AFI KLM E&M's test cell in Paris, the only one in Europe to be approved besides General Electric's own. AFI KLM E&M's GEnx expertise will also cover engine component requirements, through its CRMA subsidiary and AFI KLM E&M's repair centres of excellence in Amsterdam and Paris. On the strength of these combined capabilities in its global MRO network, AFI KLM E&M can provide comprehensive, effective engine support solutions to fully satisfy its clients' expectations.

Approved engine support activity ready to go
EASA certification is a key stage, successfully completed by AFI KLM E&M. The Group is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards and optimum efficiency in all its products and services. "We are especially proud of obtaining EASA approval so speedily," said Franck Terner, Executive Vice-President AIR FRANCE KLM Engineering & Maintenance, "It is all the more important as there will be very few centres approved to handle GEnx engines. The recognition of our robust expertise by the regulatory authorities and the engine manufacturer is an additional trust-building guarantee for our clients."

About CRMA
CRMA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the AIR FRANCE KLM group and employs a staff of experimented mechanics, technicians and engineers. CRMA engagement and values are essentially based on industrial and technical excellence of products and services. CRMA offers service quality by a dynamic relationship with its customers through a dedicated team and company-wide customer awareness and a continuous effort to stay ahead with a pro-active repair development strategy. CRMA is the first MRO shop in the world (except the oeM) to repair the whole GE90-94 combustion chamber in house and is in charge of, CFM56, GE90 and GP7200 engine parts and modules repair and aircraft equipment overhaul.

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