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24/04/2017 - Successful GEnx-1B Correlation Tests In the AFI KLM E&M Test Cell Zephyr

Final stage in process to deliver full in-house capability for Boeing 787 engine support.

Paris, Amstelveen, 24 April 2017 - AFI KLM E&M's engine test cell unit at Paris-CDG airport successfully carried out a series of GEnx-1B correlation tests. For almost a week, a stable performance engine, provided by KLM, was used in the test cell for the correlation tests.  The correlation consists of the comparison of engine performance parameters measured on the same engine (i.e. correlation engine) tested in two individual test facilities, where one facility (the manufacturer's facility) is the reference/baseline.

An all-AFI KLM E&M GEnx-1B service offer

The Paris-CDG test cell is now officially able to carry out the required engine test run after each maintenance shop visit carried out by the Amsterdam engine shop.
This latest development expands the in-house AFI KLM E&M maintenance capabilities on this innovative product. Nearly ten Boeing 787 operators have already entrusted AFI KLM E&M with their 787 engine maintenance, with an offering ranging from on-wing support to overhauls, parts replacement and a growing array of parts repairs and now also engine tests. Next to being the leading independent GEnx-1B MRO on the market for the GEnx-1B power plant, AFI KLM E&M is also an approved General Electric maintenance center and as such benefits from the manufacturer's guarantee.

Proven operational experience

"In terms of our offer and expertise, we clearly have a head start on the GEnx-1B maintenance market." emphasized Fabrice Defrance, Senior Vice President Commercial AFI KLM E&M. "We are the first airline/MRO to have mastered this product, with a broad experience of more than 40 quick turns of which the majority was operated by airlines operating in severe engine operation conditions."
AFI KLM E&M provides its clients with the benefit of its unique dual experience acquired both in its engine shop and in operating the 787 as part of the AIR FRANCE KLM fleet.

AFI KLM E&M is also in the process of developing new repairs for the engine (combustion chamber, high pressure rotor), and a first performance restoration shop visit is expected to be carried out before the end of the year at the Amsterdam engine shop.

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