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Press Release

02/05/2013 - AFI KLM E&M First MRO To Obtain FRA21 Military Approval

Recognition follows April 2011 FRA145 approval.

Paris, Amstelveen, 2 May 2013 - In late March, AFI KLM E&M was awarded FRA21 approval following an audit by the DSAE State Air Safety Department, the French Air Force, and the DGA General Directorate for Armament. The approval means that not only will AFI KLM E&M be able to carry out design work on the French Air Force's AWACS, but also to certificate it. Although AFI KLM E&M already benefits from its long experience in overhaul, repair and modification work on the French Air Force's AWACS and C135s, the new approval further endorses the MRO's military product knowhow and skills. AFI KLM E&M is currently the only MRO to benefit from dual FRA21 and FRA145 approval. The latter, which covers overhauls to military aircraft, was obtained in April 2011.


A benchmark in the military sphere
According to Franck Terner, President Air France Industries, "This constitutes very important recognition on the part of the State, but also a great honor. In the space of just two years, we have been able to upgrade our product to deliver even greater reliability and competitiveness. We are more than ever a benchmark on this highly demanding market." The approval rewards the considerable amount of work carried out upstream of the audit on processes and staff training. The fact that AFI KLM E&M now holds these two FRA145 and FRA21 approvals strengthens its position as a privileged provider of military aircraft overhaul and maintenance services, whether for today's fleets or those of the future - from the C130 to the A400M.

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