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08/10/2012 - Regional Entrusts Care Of E-jet APUs To AFI KLM E&M

AFI KLM E&M specialist subsidiary Epcor to handle the systems concerned.

Paris, Amstelveen, 8 October 2012 - Regional has signed a long-term agreement with AFI KLM E&M for the maintenance of the Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) equipping its fleet of Embraer E-170s and E-190s, for a total of 26 aircraft. The scope of the contract, carried out by EPCOR, the AFI KLM E&M group subsidiary specializing in the maintenance of APUs and pneumatic systems, includes repair services for the APUs concerned and, where necessary, the supply of spare units.

EPCOR expertise and capabilities decisive 
In addition to setting and offering competitive prices and industry-standard maintenance lead-times, EPCOR distinguishes itself through extensive know-how and experience. The AFI KLM E&M subsidiary has developed extensive skills and capabilities on all types of APU products, including the APS2300 equipping Embraer E-170s and E-190s. As a repair station approved by APS2300 manufacturer Hamilton Sundstrand, EPCOR maintains the APUs of Regional and KLM Cityhopper, which also operates Embraer E-190s. EPCOR Managing Director Romain Helmer emphasized "EPCOR's expertise with the APS2300 allows us to efficiently support the operations of the regional airlines backed by the AFI KLM E&M parent company." For his part, Jacques Pauty, Regional's Purchasing Director, said he was delighted with "this cooperation, which Regional can rely on to benefit from top-quality maintenance services and so drive the operational performance of the E-jet fleet."


About Regional
Since 2001 a subsidiary of the AIR FRANCE KLM group, Regional interconnects Europe's principal regional capitals, serving 20 cities in France and 25 elsewhere in Europe with over 300 flights a day. Regional's Head Office in Nantes is supplemented by two maintenance facilities, in Clermont-Ferrand and Lille. Its modern fleet, which comprises 50 jet aircraft with an average age of 9 years and 5 months seating 37-100 passengers, is constantly evolving. The airline has opted for an all-Embraer fleet, operating two families of aircraft, the Embraer 135/145, and the Embraer 170/190.

EPCOR is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KLM Engineering & Maintenance, part of the AIR FRANCE KLM group, holding EASA, CAAC, CAAV and FAR 145 certification. Within the group EPCOR provides MRO support for the APUs and pneumatic systems of a wide range of commercial aircraft. EPCOR maintains APUs on B737NG, B777, A320, A330, A340 and the latest addition the APS2300 for the Embraer 170/190 aircraft. EPCOR recently added the APS3200 capability for the Airbus A320 family-aircraft in addition to the existing capability for GTCP131-9A repair. EPCOR is also an OEM warranty approved Honeywell and Hamilton Sundstrand Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) repair center. Besides the APU capability EPCOR also maintains and overhauls air cycle machines, environmental control systems, starters, leading-edge flap drive units and many other pneumatic components installed on large commercial aircraft.


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