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11/05/2012 - Masterjet: A VIP Client For AFI KLM E&M

Already a client for A320 component support, the European business airline now also signed up with AFI KLM E&M for dedicated VIPJETSUITE service offer.

Paris, Amstelveen, 11 May 2012 - Masterjet currently operates eight VIP aircraft including an A320. For this aircraft Masterjet signed a component support contract with AFI KLM E&M. The contract included repairs on faulty components with spare parts hire for delivery anywhere in the world. Because the aircraft flies only 60 hours or so a month, AFI KLM E&M had to be ready to move at any time, anywhere in the world, with no real visibility nor any regularity in demand.


A mark of trust
"The contract is working perfectly. Since we began working with Masterjet, we have been very responsive and have been able to respond to all its requests, wherever the aircraft was located," said Jean-Marc Salomon, AFI KLM E&M Regional Sales Director Key Accounts & VIP.
Effectively highly satisfied with AFI KLM E&M services, Masterjet has delivered further proof of its trust when they decided also to choose for AFI KLM E&M's services to be delivered throught their exclusive VIPJETSUITE concept and product offer.


VIPJETSUITE: a tailor-made offer
"The adaptability of our VIPJETSUITE product won our client over. That adaptability means we can meet specific requirements of an aircraft with a low utilization rate," adds Jean-Marc Salomon. AFI KLM E&M is highly responsive and recently carried out an aircraft check in its dedicated maintenance center. Nuno Perestrelo, Masterjet Maintenance & Engineering Director, Sales said: "AFI KLM E&M's responsiveness and adaptability are a genuine asset for us. They always have been able to realize the deadlines to our demands in a highly efficient and effective manner."
VIPJETSUITE is an exclusive AFI KLM E&M product offering, specially designed for VIP aircraft. The VIPJETSUITE product is extremely flexible and delivers a comprehensive range of MRO services for private and business jet fleets, notably including high-end cabin design and modification services such as "VIP Quick Change", which offers configuration changes in record time according the client's requirements.


About Masterjet
Masterjet is a business aviation airline set up 20 years ago following a merger of several European entities. Its fleet comprises eight aircraft ranging from a Cessna Citation to Airbus and Boeing VIP aircraft. Its activity is highly diversified and includes charters, consulting, aircraft trading, leasing, financing, and aircraft management. In the aircraft management sphere, Masterjet takes care of locating the most interesting maintenance center for its customers, in terms both of cost and quality.


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