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Press Release

12/03/2012 - Yemenia Airways Extends Airbus A330 Component Contract with AFI KLM E&M


Considerable adaptability by AFI KLM E&M for its A330 component support convinced Yemenia Airways to sign up again.

Paris, Amstelveen, 12 March 2012 - In a tense business climate, Yemenia Airways has extended the component support contract it signed with AFI KLM E&M in 2005 for the coming years. Originally, the contract was due to terminate in 2013 and although they are very satisfied with the high quality maintenance performance of AFI KLM E&M, the economic crisis which has severely affected Yemen since early 2011, led Yemenia Airways to review its MRO contracts.


Adaptability and service quality

The terms of the extended contract are the same as those of the original one, covering component support with pool access and repairs for two Airbus 330s. "We have several advantages over our competitors, namely our good relations with Yemenia Airways, our in-depth knowledge of the customer and, most importantly, our ability to adjust our offering and pricing to satisfy the customer's needs as closely as possible," said Fabrice Defrance, Senior Vice President Commercial AFI KLM E&M. For his part, Hassan Al-Huthi, Director Maintenance & Engineering Yemenia Airways highlighted, "the excellent service quality delivered by AFI KLM E&M", which prompted the airline to renew its trust in the MRO.


About Yemenia Airways

Yemenia Airways is the official carrier of the state of Yemen and serves a wide range of international destinations and in particular the main cities of the Persian Gulf, East Africa, Western Europe and Turkey, South Asia, and South East Asia. It also serves nine domestic destinations. Yemenia Airways operates a fleet of over a dozen Airbus A310s and A330s and Boeing 737s. In 1999, the airline extended its activities to include cargo with the "Yemenia Cargo Project", which is treated as a Group subsidiary operating its own fleet.

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