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19/06/2013 - AFI KLM E&M Wins Component Support Contract For Jet Airways Boeing Next-Generation 737

Exclusive new, long-term contract again highlights MRO's expertise with this aircraft type.

Paris Le Bourget, Amstelveen, 19 June 2013 - Jet Airways and AFI KLM E&M have signed an exclusive long-term contract covering component support for the Indian carrier's 59-strong fleet of 737NGs, with AFI KLM E&M supplying closed-loop repair solutions.


Jet Airways quest for flexibility
One key reason why Jet Airways selected AFI KLM E&M is its dual airline-MRO profile. The Indian carrier was seeking to benefit from the expertise of a supplier of MRO services backed by an airline operating the 737NG. AFI KLM E&M, which maintains over 40 737NGs on behalf of its parent airlines, and whose design offices have built up extensive engineering know-how on this product, is a perfect match for this profile.
Jet Airways has also acknowledged AFI KLM E&M's ability to offer a positive response to its own specific requirements. This includes, for example, adapting and implementing a distinct component overhaul program during the monsoon season.
Capt Hameed Ali, Acting CEO of Jet Airways, emphasized these two parameters, explaining that "the know-how acquired by AFI KLM E&M through its experience with the 737NG fleets of its parent airlines, together with its ability to conform to our expectations and unique requirements, ensured a trust-based relationship and genuine peace of mind for Jet Airways."
Rob Pruim, AFI KLM E&M Senior Vice President Sales International, added that "the AFI KLM E&M group has extensive experience with the 737NG product and all aspects contributing to operational continuity and performance. That know-how is closely tied up with our ability to deliver the best possible operational support."


About Jet Airways
Set up in 1993, Jet Airways is India's biggest private sector airline. From its hub at Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA), Jet Airways operates over 400 flights daily to some 76 destinations worldwide. It operates a multi-product fleet of 101 aircraft and employs a 13,945-strong workforce. It regularly wins awards for the quality of its inflight service.

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