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Press Release

23/06/2011 - AFI KLM E&M Best Source of Repair 2010 for NATO

For the second time since the recognition program was initiated, KLM E&M has scooped the award for the Best Source of Component Repair for the quality of the services rendered on NATO's AWACS fleet.

Following April 4 announcement that Air France Industries had received the first FRA145 certification from the Chief of Staff of the French Air Force, on 17 June, KLM E&M was voted best Source Of Repair ("SOR") by NATO and IAMCO (International Aerospace Management Company), the prime contractor responsible for providing in-service support for the NATO's AWACS fleet.


Prestigious award
Since 1999, IAMCO and NATO have jointly evaluated each component Source Of Repairs (SOR) on an annual basis. They do this independently, and measure performance using an evaluation system that considers timely deliveries (ie, Turn Around Time), quality, from product and quality assurance standpoints, and contractual compliance. When this objective rating system was applied, this year KLM E&M came out ahead of other sources. Peter de Swert, KLM E&M Executive Vice-President, said that it was "a great satisfaction and a delight for AFI KLM E&M. This award highlights the quality and reliability of the services we offer and also reflects the dedication and commitment of staff in our component repair shops."

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