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Approvals and Certifications

Certifications AFI KLM E&M

Air France Industries, the only player to get the Single multi-standards Certification covering 8 international standards.


It applies to all facilities and it covers: ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 22000 (food hygiene), EN 9100 (aircraft maintenance, design), EN 9110 (aircraft maintenance, repairs), EN 9120 (aircraft maintenance, storage), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety), ISO 15489 (Documentation). 

This certification is part of an ongoing drive to continuously improve performance for our customers' benefit, an asset that sets us apart the competition.


In the Netherlands, KLM E&M also received the ISO 140001 certification.



Approvals AFI KLM E&M


European approvals (EASA):

EASA Part 145, Part M subpart G, Part 21J, Part 21G, Part 147

Download all EASA

US approvals:

FAR 145: FAA approved Repair Station

Download all US approvals

International approvals:

More than 30 other international approvals delivered by foreign aviation authorities enabling AFI KLM E&M to work on aircraft registered in those same countries.

Download AFI international approvals

Download KLM E&M international approvals