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Airbus A350 - Maintenance Solutions

Xtra-Performance: A350 support "made in" AFI KLM E&M


At the cutting edge of aviation technology, and as a logical progression from the A380, AFI KLM E&M is now ready to help you achieve optimum performance with your A350s.


The A350: self-evident


AFI KLM E&M is the only MRO to belong to a group of airlines that has ordered the full range of new-generation aircraft: Boeing 787, A380 and A350.
Maintenance support for the A350 is thus a full-fledged component of AFI KLM E&M's acknowledged capabilities. Our aim is to keep abreast of developments with this new aircraft.
From engineering to our global logistics network, our infrastructure and unrivaled mastery of the latest technology, we now deploy a global industrial base tailored to the requirements of the world's airlines.



Our mission: maximizing your performance


Maintenance excellence is part of our DNA, and high  performance is our raison d'être at both operational and economic levels.
We cover the entire spectrum of maintenance products: components, engines, aerostructures, engineering and modifications as we seek to coax the best possible operational performance out of each aircraft.



Headed for a successful entry into service


The expertise we built up as we brought the entire Airbus fleet and virtually all the Boeing fleet into service has helped us to develop a robust, global approach to integrating new aircraft into airline fleets covering maintenance programs, engineering, initial provisioning, and the tailoring of organizations, etc.
More recently, the entry into service of the A380 and then of the 787 helped us to understand what it takes to integrate the very latest generation of aircraft, building skillsets in composites, modular avionics, eOperations, etc.


Adaptiveness®: bespoke solutions


Each operator is unique, which is why we design solutions tailored to your needs, from the spares pool to full support. At the cutting edge of innovation, we are continually expanding our skills and processes in areas such as RFID, Data exchange, E-operations and anti-FOD policies...


Component expertise as a driver of performance


From leading-edge engineering to latest-generation test cells and exclusive testing procedures developed by our experts, our expertise and know-how guarantee optimum reliability for the components aboard your aircraft.
Thanks to our developments on the 787 and the A380, our workshops are now able to handle the full range of components (hydraulics, electric generation, avionics, composites) carried aboard the A350.


A global logistics network as a driver of performance


Our supply chain is organized around logistics centers located in Paris/Amsterdam, Miami, Dubai, and Kuala Lumpur/Singapore, and relies on a combination of the vast AIR FRANCE KLM route network and a network of partner carriers.
Thanks to this organization, your A350s will benefit from AOG support the world over, 24/7/365.



Worldwide line maintenance


We provide line maintenance for all Airbus and Boeing models at over 100 airports around the world. Our service portfolio covers the full range of line maintenance technical services and we can offer these for the A350 under our own EASA Part 145 approval.


Our strengths at your service


- Tailor-made packages and solutions
- One-stop shopping
- AFI KLM E&M's procurement muscle
- Global logistics and distribution network (24/7 AOG Desk)
- CSR, environmental awareness
- Permanent innovation (themrolab.com)




> Pool access
> Pre-positioning of parts inventories aligned on client requirements
> MRO services:
- A350 component testing, repairs and maintenance 
- Composites repairs (including Flight Control Surfaces, Radome, Landing Gear Doors, SRM nacelle repairs)
- APU maintenance 
- Line maintenance 
- Engineering 
- AOG services
- Dedicated A350 services


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