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The ultimate electronic device for pilots.

EFB: from paper documentation to digital solutions.
EFB is a modular, integrated, hardware and software package featuring three classes. Depending on the class, it can calculate performance figures (i.e. fuel burn), display charts, improve taxiing positional awareness (video), and more.
It comes with built-in geo-referencing, provides flight deck entry video surveillance, and allows electronic access to documents. EFB is proposed in two levels of integration in the cockpit - portable and installed avionics.



The adaptive solution developed by AFI KLM E&M

Electronic Flight Bag

AFI KLM E&M proposes full integration for both Portable and Installed EFB.

The product range includes:


> Full cockpit integration
- Cradle installation
- Circuit breaker on overhead panel
- Power supply via essential DC bus for high availability
- No need for battery (no battery replacement planning, no risk of cockpit fire, lower cost, easier operational approval)

> Part 145 EFB installation capability

> On-site expert monitoring during implementation

> Full flexibility
A dedicated team to customize your project as per your request

> Options
- Certified power adapter to match your voltage input
- Integrated toggle switch or LED backlighter
- EFB crosstalk

> Ready-to-install kit
- Optimized kit cost
- AID (Aircraft Interface Device) installation
- Connection to avionics buses
- EFB crosstalk

> Portable EFB
- Simultaneous use of Portable EFB
- Transition phase simplified

> Installed EFB
- Best cockpit integration


Key Benefits

Electronic Flight Bag

> EFB installation: already certified (STC)
- Low impact on aircraft utilization - short TAT for installation
- Single-source integrated solution (Part 21/Part 145)
- Short ground time installation

> EFB cradle: Ultimate HMI solution
- Designed in cooperation with flight ops and pilots
- Fully conceived following human-machine interface (HMI) rules

> EFB: Positive financial impact through operational improvements
- Extra revenue: increased payload by providing more accurate
calculations based on real-time information
- Flight crew efficiency: easier and efficient management of tasks
in a reduced-paper environment
- Improved taxiway: EFB enhances pilot runway safety and taxiway
situational awareness with built-in onboard geo-referencing equipment
- Cost saving: no more printing and related logistics costs
- Use of your favorite software applications: you can select the software
of your choice


Full integration for both portable and installed EFB designed with pilot experience.

Contact us: aircraft-modifications@afiklmem.com