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PROGNOS - Predictive Maintenance

Leveraging its in-depth knowledge of aircraft systems, its ability to innovate and its Big Data skills, AFI KLM E&M develops predictive analysis programs used to replace aircraft system components before they actually fail.

PROGNOS® predicts and avoids failures


Available for Airbus and Boeing fleets, PROGNOS® increases your operational reliability, anticipating your maintenance needs. And that means minimized AOG risks and related operating costs.

How does it work? Easily implemented, this Big Data solution for maintenance services is both a tool and an analysis. It retrieves data on a daily basis from your aircraft, inflight and during turnarounds, to be securely stored and analyzed daily by highly-qualified engineers.


AIRBUS A320 CEO/NEO A330 A350 A380
BOEING 737 747 777 787


The PROGNOS® SUITE, an adaptive solution for each operation

PROGNOS® for Aircraft

With PROGNOS® for Aircraft, get recommendations to avoid delays and flight cancellations from 30 to 50 flights ahead. By collecting and recording data from your aircraft, and then processing and analyzing them, PROGNOS® detects failures before it happens.


PROGNOS® for Engine

With PROGNOS® for Engine, predict engine defects to direct your maintenance operations more precisely than ever.

Choose from three different tracking solutions, the one most closest to your needs*:
- Short-term daily monitoring: No Data and Urgent Alerts**;
- Mid-term weekly monitoring: Normal Alerts and email reports;
- Long-term monthly monitoring: Degradation Trends and Predictive Maintenance Planning.

* To be chosen individually or combined in a package.

** Processing data in less than 4 mins after reception of the ACMS report, only for the Air France-KLM Group fleet.


With PROGNOS® for APU, retain control over your APU assets with this system that uploads APU data to a central computer at each airport stopover.
EPCOR, fully owned Air France Industries KLM Engineering and Maintenance subsidiary, specialized in APU and pneumatic components, knows how important it is to have a stable operating APU on wing. The system PROGNOS® for APU allows EPCOR to predict maintenance and prevent unnecessary shop visits and delays. It is a high value solution for the APU maintenance market, designed and built by EPCOR. PROGNOS® for APU helps airlines maintain maximum control over their APU assets, keeping them operating for as long as possible with minimal effort.
The system is based on big data, which allows the APU to be monitored. At each airport stopover, the data is sent to a central computer. Because of our extensive experience, we can inform you about your APU and even predict when certain parts will break down and at which levels. We perform the required maintenance well before this happens.

PROGNOS® for Inventory

With PROGNOS® for Inventory, optimize your stocks, supply chain, your MBK and IP design with this fully web-based solution. Using complex statistical analysis, Big Data and Machine Learning, PROGNOS® for Inventory integrates your financial and operational constraints to produce exhaustive simulations and prioritized investment recommendations, based on your ROI.

Key benefits:

- Increased operational reliability ;

- Improve flight safety ;

- Improved TAT, dispatch, aircraft availability & trouble-shooting procedures ;

- Costs & time savings ;
- Reduced flight delays and cancellations ;
- No unscheduled shop visits or removals through event prediction ;
- Secure data delivery ;
- Easy implementation.

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