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Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - Cabin Check 2.0 on 777

AFI KLM E&M is currently deploying an innovative cabin maintenance process based on a mobile app designed to optimize inspection, parts requisitioning, follow-up and reporting operations. Meet an MRO Lab innovation that's having impressive and immediate effects.


The issue


Cabin maintenance operations on aircraft are generally time-consuming and tedious, requiring technicians to inspect cabin seats one by one for defects. This is an unsatisfactory state of affairs in terms both of TAT and reliability, and to which AFI KLM E&M is now applying an appropriate digital response, dubbed Cabin Check 2.0.


The adaptive solution developed by AFI KLM E&M

With input from industry partners, AFI KLM E&M is in the process of mainstreaming a dedicated software solution for cabin inspection tasks and the people involved in carrying them out. The watchwords: simplification and acceleration.

Cabin Check 2.0 comprises a mobile app and a dedicated web portal. By consulting the app on a tablet, the technician can access the complete library of technical documentation and a 3D view of the cabin, where they can click on the defective parts of a seat and immediately obtain the part number required to instantly generate a requisition sheet. The web portal, for its part, delivers complementary functions for cabin status follow-up, a history of defects already reported, and a set of indicators that can be personalized by operators.

Ultimately, the whole of activity can be significantly upgraded, with inspection times halved on average and a general improvement in cabin quality.
Already operational for 777 seating, Cabin Check 2.0 will be deployed for A380s and A330s in 2018.

Key benefits:
> Productivity gains
> More reliable data
> Optimized activity oversight

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