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Virtual Training 787

787: ultra-modern training for an ultra-modern aircraft

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - 787 Virtual Training

The 787 sets new airline industry connectivity and on-board computing standards, and every aerospace business is adapting to stay abreast of this forward momentum – and MRO training in particular, which is dreaming up new systems based on innovative digital technologies.

Leading the field for web-based digital training solutions and materials, AFI KLM E&M has now gone even further with the 787 by developing ground-breaking systems targeting the digitization and virtualization of training resources.

The virtual aircraft revolution
On its way to developing these ultra-modern solutions, AFI KLM E&M designed a virtual aircraft system. The fruit of a partnership with HOP! Training by ICARE, an AIR FRANCE KLM group subsidiary, which developed this system for CRJ family aircraft, the virtual aircraft reproduces the entire aircraft and its systems in a dynamic 3D environment. "We have reproduced and animated a KLM Boeing 787 to achieve this solution," explains Olaf Hoftijzer, director KLM Training E&M.  "The visualization system allows us to virtually access the aircraft, its cockpit, its technical compartments, open the engine and APU and it's possible to trigger different pre-conceived maintenance scenarios to enable the technicians to interact with the aircraft's systems in real time to remedy a problem."

Improved and shortened training
Used during EASA Part 147 type training and approved by both French and Dutch National Aviation Authorities, the system offers genuine added-value in terms of simplicity for instructors and trainees alike, as it allows them to simultaneously combine practice and theory segments, removing the need to access the physical aircraft. As a result, the practical training course lasts no more than five days, and technicians in the qualification stage now have the opportunity to implement their theoretical knowledge directly and practically via a perfect reproduction of the aircraft, its systems, and their behavior.

An immersive environment
Virtual reality is also at the heart of the system developed for engine run-up training of Engine technicians and mechanics. Rather than having to wait for a Full Flight Simulator to become available, personnel can now visualize a 787 cockpit in an immersive 3D environment and carry out the necessary tests.
These cutting-edge solutions are used for in-house training of AFI KLM E&M personnel and also destined to be proposed to customers. "The 787 is a formidable opportunity to modernize and propel our training systems into the 2.0 era," adds head of technical training at Air France Industries, Laurence Barreau. "This trend is part of a wider determination to develop a digital offering even further, based on cooperative usage and online training to maximize the effectiveness and coverage of our content for the benefit of our clients."