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BlueLink 31 - November 2017


1/ Engines: LEAP maintenance kicks off click here

2/ Innovation: Because the best ideas often come from the shop floor... click here

3/ Market: How do you respond to fleet requirements in Africa and the Middle East? click here

4/ Logistics: Revolutionizing inventory management click here

BlueLink 30 - October 2017

1/ 787 Operators Community:
 Sharing experience in 2.0 mode click here

2/ The MRO Lab: AFI KLM E&M and GE Aviation team up on digital solutions click here

3/ Network: Ejet maintenance solutions tailored for performance click here


BlueLink 29 - June 2017

1/ PARIS AIRSHOW 2017: The must-see demos and innovations click here

2/ Network: Airfoils Advanced Solutions: making engine support even more efficient click here

3/ Innovation: Want to optimize cabin maintenance? There's an app for that! click here

BlueLink 28 - April 2017


1/ Engines: On Wing Services: Performance at your wingtips click here

2/ Network: MRO in the US: local presence, global leverage click here

3/ The MRO Lab: Cheaper and more effective cornstarch paint stripping is gaining ground in aerostructures maintenance click here


BlueLink 27 - February 2017

1/ Products and Services: AFI KLM E&M to focus more than ever on client needs click here

2/ Engineering: A350 & 787 Engineering: operator's added value click here

3/ Innovation: PROGNOS: When maintenance gets smart and predictive click here