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CRMA invents high value added repair

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - FHF GE90 Repair

CRMA, the AFI KLM E&M group's center of expertise for repairs to engines and brakes, recently developed an ad hoc repair for the Fan Hub Frame (FHF), a high value module in GE90 growth jet engines.

A major supplier of MRO services and an Engine Alliance-approved repair shop for GP7200 combustion chambers and Turbine Center Frames, CRMA also specializes in CFM56 series and GE90 maintenance. With the backing of its engineering teams, the AFI KLM E&M subsidiary bases its service model on the preference for repairing unserviceable parts and modules rather than replacing them.
Quite naturally, therefore, parent AFI KLM E&M turned to CRMA in April this year to "save" a GE90-115 Fan Hub Frame that showed several areas of wear and tear.

CRMA-developed, OEM-approved
In under a month, the project led to the development and deployment of an ad hoc repair process inspired by a proven CRMA method for reconditioning titanium fan blades. The FHF ultimately emerged from the engine shop in a serviceable state just 21 days after it went in - the TAT for a standard repair. Since then, a second defective GE90-115 FHF has been sent to CRMA and has confirmed the performance of the repair process.
This success is based both on the expertise of CRMA's development office and the knowledge it has acquired as an AFI KLM E&M repair shop. "Over 200 parts presenting different technologies and characteristics are handled every week at our facilities," says Gilles Ferreri, CRMA Engineering Director. "By capitalizing on this experience, our engineers came up with the idea of transposing an existing non oxidizing heat treatment to the repair of a FHF."

Over a million $ in savings
"Working this way, we avoid the replacement and scrapping of an unserviceable unit, for which no engine shop anywhere in the world, was offering a repair solution." This is a significant operation in financial terms, as the unit cost of a new Fan Hub Frame comes out at nearly $ 2 million. The savings are considerable and are now within reach of airlines operating the GE90-115, as CRMA has just included the repair in its capability list. OEM General Electric had previously validated the repair and intends to include it in its Engine Shop Manual (ESM).

"Thanks to its position within the AFI KLM E&M network, CRMA is able to offer this high value added repair to every customer whose engines are supported with the Group's services. They can therefore take full advantage of CRMA expert solutions in terms of quality, TAT and cost!"

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