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Air'int Extends Scope of Application

Air'Int, the dedicated software solution for cabin inspections marketed by AFI KLM E&M, has expanded its scope to take in ever-greater number of items and will be available for cargo aircraft in the near future.

With Air'Int, cabin inspection operations have been propelled into the digital era, with a mobile App for tablet computers connected to a dedicated web portal making the job of technicians substantially easier.

Cabin App now includes additional components
The solution enables technicians to access the full range of technical documentation and a 3D model of the cabin on which it is possible to identify a defect on a seat with just a few clicks. A supply request for the P/N is then automatically forwarded to the store. Initially, this mobile App, dubbed Cabin App, was rolled out for 777 passenger seats. Since February 2018, it has covered 787s also, and in the coming months will progressively be extended to cover Airbus family aircraft. At the same time, the range of components identified has also been widening, since in addition to passenger seats, galleys, toilets and cabin crew seats are now covered by Cabin App.


Expansion into the cargo sector
The functions proposed, and the technical principle implemented for this extension to additional parts remain the same, as do the resulting operational gains. "Taking a 777 Eco Cabin as our example, before Cabin App came out, a cabin inspection used to require two mechanics for an entire shift," recalls Louis Petit-Faisandier, Air'Int project manager for AFI KLM E&M. "With Cabin App, that task now takes just two hours, and possible P/N errors at ordering level have been drastically reduced, if not abolished altogether."

This year, AFI KLM E&M has again broken new ground with Air'Int by exploring a version of the App used for cargo aircraft hold components such as locks and Power Drive Units. A PoC operation is ongoing on two 777Fs to test and approve the effectiveness of the "Cargo App", which is likely to operate on a similar principle to Cabin App, before being applied across the board. Watch this space...



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