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Barfield, creator of tailor-made solutions for its customers

A major maintenance and repair player in North and South America and the Caribbean, Barfield, the Miami-based AFI KLM E&M subsidiary, develops innovative solutions for its customers, as this round-up of its latest capabilities shows.

Sustainable solutions
As part of its latest offerings, the bespoke solution takes pride of place at Barfield. This is a niche market, a particular segment where the company has managed to stand out. "We are creators of solutions," says Sébastien Losy, Barfield Vice-President of Pricing, Marketing & Communication. "Airlines have had enough of systematic component replacements. For some US carriers, for example, we have been able to repair items like reading lamps and luminous logos that were supposedly non-reparable. You find the same determination with repairs to plastics, and to components such as valves and sensors, which are tested then thrown away. Instead of junking and replacing them with new, we are trying to develop a new repair capability and to ensure that it is sustainable," adds Sébastien Losy.


Doorstep repairs
Distributed across four strategic facilities in the United States (Miami, Phoenix, Louisville and Atlanta), Barfield also means AFI KLM E&M expertise "on your doorstep". Thanks to its leading-edge facilities, our US subsidiary satisfies the multiple needs of commercial and regional fleets by offering close proximity repairs.  "This is the case, for example of one carrier, whose main hub is located close to one of our facilities. We can say that they have their seats and evacuation slides repaired almost on the spot. That means very significant time and cost savings for our customers," says Sébastien Losy.

Leader for GSTE
And finally, another of Barfield's areas of expertise is designing and manufacturing test equipment. The AFI KLM E&M subsidiary has, for example, become a world leader for Ground Support Test Equipment (GSTE). "With some equipment systems, such as the Turbine Temperature Tester, we cover virtually the entire market, and with the Air-Data / Pitot Static tester, we have a very substantial market share, which represents a very satisfactory position," adds Barfield's VP Pricing, Marketing & Communication.
One thing that does not need testing, however, is the US subsidiary's 70-years-plus experience in the field!

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