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Connectivity: get on board with Li-Fi

Will Li-Fi become the standard technology for wireless communication in the aircraft of the future? See what you think at the Paris Air Show.

Rather than relying on radio waves like its sibling Wi-Fi, Li-Fi uses the light spectrum: data is transmitted via LED emitters to devices equipped with photo-detectors. Supporting the performance of the next 5G standard and probably included in the next generation of mobile devices, when it comes to installation on board an aircraft, this technology offers plenty of advantages: a hundred times more data transferred, fewer cables (i.e. less weight), IFE systems that cost less to upgrade, and which can offer brand new features and capabilities. The only question: can this type of system be implemented on board an aircraft?

AFI KLM E&M - The MRO Lab: pioneering mindset

Our experts in Cabin Modifications were quick to tackle this question. Cyril Brand, Head of the Avionics Research unit at AFI KLM E&M, explains: "We quickly set out to find partners for this project, and discovered that Latécoère, who we've been working with for several years, had also identified Li-Fi's vast potential. The partnership with AFI KLM E&M came about naturally through a shared desire to explore new technological boundaries. The equipment supplier developed the system, and we carried out the certification procedure for the solution and figured out how to integrate it into the cabin."



Demonstration at the Paris Air Show
AFI KLM E&M is once again demonstrating its expertise in the modernization of aircraft cabins: the work carried out with Latécoère was built upon the operational experience gained through its status as Air France-KLM's airline MRO branch. This combination of expertise has led to an unprece-dented leap forward in the on-board entertainment. "Visitors to the Paris Air Show can see Li-Fi at work in a reconstruction of an aircraft cabin. The IFE system will show videos in 4K resolution, which cur-rent systems are unable to do."
Developed in partnership with Ubisoft, a video game competition running on the technology will also be held during the event; the final, meanwhile, will happen in an Air France flight!

On-board Li-Fi: an exciting innovation you can find out more about at our partner Latécoère's stand (Hall 2a - B254) where a full-scale, medium-range Air France cabin mock-up featuring Li-Fi technolo-gy is displayed.


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