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Paris Air Show 2019: Innovation takes flight!

The maintenance techniques of the future are already here and you can meet them at the AFI KLM E&M booth at the Paris Air Show from 17-23 June.

How are technicians trained in the era of mixed reality? Are robots already roaming the ramp? What will an IFE system of the future look like? AFI KLM E&M experts from The MRO Lab will be on hand throughout the Air Show to answer these questions, talk innovation, and demonstrate solutions.

Ever more data, ever more predictions

At the last Paris Air Show, the Group presented the Prognos predictive maintenance solution. "That solution has moved on quite a bit in the past two years," says James Kornberg, AFI KLM E&M Director Innovation. "It now covers more aircraft types and systems - in other words, a lot more data processed using artificial intelligence to predict failures, trigger repairs upstream, and avoid AOG situations."

We, robots

Several advances have been made in the automation sphere. Drone inspections continue to be developed, but those mini-aircraft are not the only machines to roam the ramp and the hangars, assisting our technicians in their work. "We are rolling out robots able to reach parts of the fuselage that are difficult for humans to access, or robots that will take the strain on complex, dangerous, or repetitive tasks." You'll be able to meet some of these new-style workmates at the Paris Air Show.



Virtualization now a reality
A visit to the AFI KLM E&M booth will also be an opportunity to set foot in the reality of new-generation maintenance methods. Or, rather, the realities, plural. Think Virtual Reality, used by Cabin Modifications teams to view the outcome of an engineering task before integration. Or Mixed Reality, used to train technicians and supplementing theory lessons: did you know that, these days, using smart glasses, an instructor can show trainees parts that would normally be inaccessible?

AFI KLM E&M and its network

Barfield, our US subsidiary, will also be present to showcase a brand-new solution for inspecting electrical systems. And don't miss the opportunity to visit the booth of our partner Latécoère. The OEM will be giving a sneak preview of how it aims to integrate Li-Fi technology into an aircraft cabin: a modification that is now certified and integrated by AFI KLM E&M. "This 53rd Paris Air Show promises to be a thrilling experience as we're currently at a turning point in aircraft maintenance. We're no longer just talking about experiments, but truly operational solutions serving people and aircraft. We're really looking forward to discussing all these innovations with you!"

Meet us at the AFI KLM E&M booth - C137 Hall 2B

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