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Max MRO Services

Max MRO Services

Delivering cost effective component support

Max MRO Services Pvt. Ltd. is a part of the AFI KLM E&M network. The partnership was formed in October 2010. The company is located in a high growth aviation hub of India; Mumbai.


Max MRO Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leader in the component MRO business for customers operating commercial aircraft fleets in India and the neighbouring regions. The company has been in operation since 1994 and has a good understanding of the local market conditions which has yielded in long-standing customer relationships. 


Max MRO Services Pvt. Ltd. offers component maintenance support for various aircraft types including pool and exchange and repair services as a part of the maintenance solutions package. 

In line with its business approach and the long-term strategy of AFI KLM E&M, Max MRO Services Pvt. Ltd. continues to forge strong relationships with International OEMs which adds to customer confidence.


The partnership between Max MRO and AFI KLM E&M has been formed to leverage the strengths of both organizations to support their customer base in India and neighboring regions by offering the highest quality of services with cost effective solutions required in the globally competitive business environment.


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