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The 5 Group CSR policy priorities


Sustainability in all its aspects lies at the heart of AIR FRANCE KLM strategy. Both airlines have a long-standing commitment to protecting the environment, promoting ethical behaviour and supporting communities. The Group has a joint policy that the two airlines implement individually through their own procedures, bringing all their resources to bear. Air France Industries and KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) use their complementary approaches and their multi-skilled workforces to contribute to the Group's five Corporate Social Responsibility priorities.


To combat climate change


Being the worldwide leader in our domain means that we have a duty to set an example and therefore to be particularly attentive to preserving the environment. As a result, all of the Group's partners, including AFI KLM E&M, are dedicated to controlling their impact on climate change.


To reduce our environmental footprint


In order to limit our impact on the environment, we pay particular attention to reducing the amount of ordinary and dangerous waste we produce.


To build sustainable relations with our customers


We pride ourselves on sharing a common approach to sustainable development with our clients. We regularly keep them up to date on the methods we use for our industrial activities, and we listen to the ideas they have to propose.


To promote a responsible HR policy


The Human Resources policy applied by AFI KLM E&M is built upon maintaining and developing our teams' skills and knowledge. Consolidating employment and sustaining our territorial presence are our priorities. This is the best way to meet the high standard of quality required by our customers.


To contribute to local and global development


Creating a sustainable relationship with our communities around the world is of major importance to us. We work on this through pro-active dialogue with stakeholders and by promoting employment and economic development initiatives.