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Our eco-friendly innovations


Many innovative initiatives are helping AFI KLM E&M to reduce the impact of its operations on the environment. Here are a few examples of the solutions we have already implemented or are planning to.


Engine Water Wash: The engine water wash is a new washing process which optimizes the use of engines. It reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The engine water wash is operated according to environmental principles: the water used during the process is recovered for recycling.

High Environmental Quality buildings: AFI KLM E&M is improving the energy performance of its premises and ground equipment. We take High Environmental Quality criteria into account in order to adapt our industrial infrastructures. Our engine workshops shop in Paris and Amsterdam, for example the logistic center in Orly or the Zephir VBE (Very Big Engines) test cell at Roissy-CDG, were built to this standard.

Scrap program with GE: Since August 2008, old aircraft components have been kept by AFI KLM E&M. This scrap material is now recycled into new raw material in collaboration with the engine part manufacturer General Electric. Once transformed, the new raw materials are used by GE to make engine parts. The process is based on the 'Cradle to Cradle' philosophy: everything is recovered and no material is wasted.

Solar panels: In order to reduce its overall energy consumption, AFI KLM E&M has implemented solar panels on hangar roofs wherever technically possible, as it requires a minimum roof surface and pitch. Architectural plans for all of our new buildings will of course be drawn up taking into account the possibility of implementing such solar panels.