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A Responsible HR policy


AFI KLM E&M develops its social responsibility by ensuring health and safety at work. As a result, we are constantly working on preventive actions to reduce the number of accidents occurring at our facilities.
In another field, AFI KLM E&M promotes diversity through employee mobility and employability in accordance with AIR FRANCE KLM corporate policy. We especially focus on gender parity and the employment of disabled workers.
AFI KLM E&M involves its employees in the group's CSR policy. In the Netherlands, innovation is driven by a platform which allows both employees and external experts to push creative ideas. On the French side, we have implemented a Quality Innovation Programme known as PIQ to encourage innovation among our personnel. A wide range of topics are covered, such as quality, health and safety in the workplace, risk management, and Sustainable Development.
In 2008, the Innov'Acteurs association awarded us with a Participative Innovation Trophy.