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Adaptiveness®: We innovate for you

AFI KLM E&M - Nacelles

With 30 years of experience in Aerostructures Maintenance Repair and Overhaul, a wide range of capabilities and a real partnership approach, AFI KLM E&M can come up with solutions really tailored to your need.

Customized solutions

Adaptiveness® means that the solution we develop with you will naturally evolve as your operational requirements change. Based on our engineering expertise, we can offer customized solutions from selected tailored services to total care support. From tailor-made long-term care to immediate purchases, and from flight-hour rates to Time and Material (T&M), all options are available.

Extensive repair capabilities

We are able to provide a large panel of flexible solutions in our fields of excellence: Thrust Reverser repair (from minor repairs to complete re-skinning with AD/SB implementation); Inlet, Fan & Core Cowl repair and overhaul; Radomes and Flight Control panels repairs. Our expertise ranges from pure metal Aerostructures work, to metal bonded honeycomb sandwich and advanced composite repair. This experience is a major advantage to develop AFI KLM E&M capability on new aircraft with more composites such as the 787 and the A350.

Partnership approach

Our operating experience of major airlines has led us to propose continuous on-condition monitoring by performing on-site inspection. We also provide co-engineering and share best practice feed-back with our customers. This close relationship enables our engineering team to propose customized maintenance programs that optimize aerostructures parts life cycle costs.

Customer benefits: Our experience to your service

Proven tracks records, best practices, and a logistical network you can rely on in order to avoid operational disruption and reduce your overall maintenance costs.

Worldwide Coverage

As aircraft can suffer from collision on the ground or in the air choosing AFI KLM E&M is the best way to access a full range of spares solutions: loan support, standard exchange and pool access. Thanks to its worldwide logistics network, AFI KLM E&M can deliver a wide variety of Nacelle parts either at AFI KLM E&M Logistics Centers or at the customer's main base. As part of the service, our 24/365 AOG Desk provides door-to-door transportation for your spare parts.

Repair rather than replace

We can offer innovative repair solutions with our Design Organization Approval 21 and Designated Engineering Representative approval - more than 200 repairs beyond OEMs' CMMs - in order to repair rather than replace.

Cost effectiveness

However your needs may change, you can rely on us to provide you with the most appropriate solution. Our robust, long-term agreements with OEMs and our significant spare level contribute to reliable and cost effective maintenance.

Key figures

> 600 highly-qualified agents, engineers and technicians
> 5 clean rooms, in an environment protected against contamination
> Large-size autoclave (length 6m, diameter 3.5m) and ovens
> Digital machining
> Parts manufacture under EASA part 21G
> 75 million euros-worth of spare parts
> More than 5,500 Thrust Reversers already carried out
> More than 10,000 Inlet cowls, Fan cowl doors, Exhaust nozzles, Core cowls, Radomes and flight control surfaces already repaired or overhauled.

Solution and expertise for long term partnerships

No fewer than 150 airlines worldwide have entrusted us with the care of their aerostructures.
Our state of the art repair and inventory management process enable us to provide industry leading maintenance services.

On-site services
AFI KLM E&M can send a rapid-response team of specialists to carry out fast and reliable repairs at your own main base or outstations. In case of AOG, we can provide on-wing inspections and on-wing repairs, which can also be performed during scheduled maintenance checks.

Operational experience
As an airline-MRO, AFI KLM E&M has an intimate knowledge of Aerostruc tures parts life cycle and optimized maintenance programs. It has developed high quality and adaptive solutions to fit with operators' economic requirements. And thanks to its experience, theoretical and practical training can also be delivered.

Preventive maintenance
In order to improve the control of maintenance costs, we developed preventive solutions which greatly lower the risks of operational disruptions. Some inspections or repairs can be carried out on wing, to preserve the availability of your fleet.

Continuous improvement
Our level of quality is recognised worldwide still AFI KLM E&M continuously invests in both modern equipment and facility development, as demonstrated by the construction of our new dedicated workshop, Helios, in Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport. It also continually improves its processes through, e.g., Lean Six Sigma (LSS) and develops new repair technologies to lower costs and shorten turnaround times.
Helios has the aim of upgrading AFI KLM E&M's industrial base and offering enhanced performance to its clients. All the aerostructures facilities will be brought under a single roof to ensure an optimized aerostructures offering. Helios in particular has more space for new materials such as composites. The 18,500 square meters building, built facing the dedicated A380 hangar, will house 250-300 highly qualified experts.
The Helios building is equipped with large capacity engineering resources, specially designed to receive and process new-generation aircraft modules. These currently include the A380 and 777 and will subsequently cater to the 787 and A350. AFI KLM E&M is thus one of just four operators worldwide with extremely advanced 787 nacelle capabilities for its own assets and also that of third-party client airlines.

Close to you

To ensure the parts are right there where you need them, you can rely on shops located in Paris, Amsterdam, Dubai and Dallas, in addition to the support of technical representatives around the world and Regional Logistics Centers that meet your specific needs.

A wide range of adaptive Aerostructures solutions