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Aircraft Airframe Maintenance


AFI KLM E&M manages the Fleets of its parent Airlines and as a result has built up considerable Expertise in all types of checks, from Daily inspections to comprehensive Heavy Maintenance tasks.


AFI KLM E&M operates large-scale Engineering and Maintenance infrastructure, with eight Maintenance facilities in Europe (Amsterdam and EPCOR in the Netherlands, Roissy-CDG, Orly, Le Bourget, Toulouse and CRMA in France, and Norwich in the United Kingdom) and 77 maintenance bays that can handle all aircraft types and guarantee operational availability for all Customers' Fleets.

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - Airframe Painting

Our Customer Airlines can borrow or exchange parts or have access to the pool of AFI KLM E&M parts stored at our Logistics platforms at Roissy-CDG, Singapore and Miami, or at their own main bases. AFI KLM E&M's global network guarantees door-to-door delivery of spares, while an AOG desk is available round the clock to help in emergencies and optimize aircraft maintenance schedules.

AFI KLM E&M maintains privileged ties with aircraft manufacturers to ensure that it can better oversee its MRO services for Customers. Examples are its membership of the Airbus MRO network, the signature of an HMSGTA (Hardware Material Services and General Terms Agreement) with Boeing for direct, Customized access to essential data on maintaining Boeing aircraft, and several series of Master contracts (GTAs, Marketing Agreements, CSPs, etc.) with the main aircraft leasing companies and OEMs.


Our Aircraft Maintenance activity is underpinned by:

> 75 years' experience in Fleet Management and aircraft maintenance definition, development and follow-up
> 25 years' Experience in designing cabins for the entire AIR FRANCE and KLM Fleet;
> Over 20 Modification programs carried out annually for Customers worldwide;
> The possibility of carrying out avionics and cabin modifications for civil airlines, business or private jets and military aircraft;
> 20 years' Experience in engine nacelle maintenance;
> Paint capability covering all paint products from all manufacturers.
> 33 years' Experience in 747 maintenance, with over 3,000 C checks and 500 D checks
> Over 170 A320 and  40 777 D-type heavy checks
> 2 paint shop complexes: a  8,000 m² facility at Orly and a 9,000 m² one at Schiphol
> 5,500 FTR overhauls
> 50 Customers with engine nacelle support contracts worldwide
> 9,000 Training man-hours per year for staff involved in avionics and cabin refits
> 170,000 Engineering man-hours


Because AFI KLM E&M is involved in Maintenance operations for some 200 airlines and because needs vary from one to the other, it offers multi-service activities delivering appropriate, Tailor-made solutions ranging from full support to a one-off check or modification.


AFI KLM E&M - Line Maintenance

Line and Light Maintenance: 
AFI KLM E&M provides A thru C Light Maintenance checks for all aircraft types at its five facilities in Amsterdam, Orly, Roissy, Norwich and Toulouse. Line Maintenance, which includes overnight checks , daily and weekly checks, is available at Amsterdam, CDG, Orly and at over 160 other Airports Worldwide.

AFI KLM E&M - Heavy Maintenance

Heavy Maintenance: 
AFI KLM E&M has over 50 years' experience in C and D type Heavy Maintenance visits carried out at its Maintenance bases. Heavy Maintenance for 777, 747, and A330-340 long-haul aircraft mainly takes place in Orly and Amsterdam, for 767 in Amsterdam, while that for A320 and 737 medium-haul aircraft is provided respectively in Toulouse and Amsterdam. The Experience accumulated over the years on these aircraft ensures unrivaled levels of Excellence in terms of TAT. Major overhauls on A320s and 747s, for example, have been reduced to just four weeks.

AFI KLM E&M - Cabin Modification

Cabin and avionics modifications: 
A comprehensive range of Modification services is available for all commercial, VIP and military aircraft and includes after-sales service for monitoring airworthiness, a warranty service, updating of technical manuals, and training. The know-how acquired over 25 years working on Air France and KLM Fleets means that  AFI KLM E&M can efficiently handle Customer Fleet Modifications either to improve comfort levels for passengers and crews (e.g., galleys, seats, rest areas, first-aid areas) or upgrade avionics (IFE, communications, TV, Internet, built-in telephones, etc.).
The Group's know-how covers makes use of high technological value systems such as Catia V5 (3D mechanical design), Electre (3D electrical design) and Autocad (2D / 3D design).


Our Fleet Management Assistance services optimize Customer Maintenance operations and handle transitional situations. AFI KLM E&M offers a portfolio of solutions tailored to the unique features of individual operators, including:

> Fleet Configuration Management.

> Drawing up Fleet maintenance and production schedules according to the Customer's operational Requirements as well as manufacturer and government guidelines. Schedules are designed so as to achieve the optimal balance between a Fleet's operational Reliability and the intervals between Maintenance operations.

> The organization of aircraft transition programs in order to evaluate and inspect aircraft status during the transition period, carry out the technical work required by a change in configuration, and ensure that aircraft are sold on rapidly and efficiently.


Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - Fleet Management


Engineering Assistance services covering Airbus and Boeing aircraft are provided for operators either at the main AFI KLM E&M bases or at Customer's bases. This type of support consists in developing and updating Customer Fleet Maintenance schedules and helping them integrate new or used aircraft.


At the CDG, Orly, Toulouse and Schiphol bases, airlines have already adopted this solution. These include many major airlines for their 777s, 737s, 747-400s or A320s and A330/340s. Some use them at their own main bases.


24/7 AOG Support guarantees immediate contact with a team of experts to develop and implement action plans at AOG locations.

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - On Site Support


AFI KLM E&M has EASA Part 147 approval, authorizing it to dispense practical and theoretical OJT (On Job Training) for the Customer organization's Maintenance Teams.

Teams of technicians and engineers with JAR 66 certification can be seconded to customers for pre-determined periods as a means of transferring their skills and expertise.