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Aircraft Airframe Maintenance

No fewer than 200 airlines worldwide currently entrust their maintenance operations to AFI KLM E&M. Because our customers have unique requirements, all our solutions are tailor-made.

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance - Airframe Solutions

Adaptiveness®: An organization at your service


Our dedicated airframe team is your guarantee of outstanding reliability. We can carry out a wide range of customized solutions, from daily checks to heavy maintenance, adapted to your unique requirements.


As an airline-MRO operator, we are constantly developing and expanding our skillset to provide you with the best possible service to meet your technical requirements and your cost constraints.

Your aircraft availability is maximized by our unrivalled turn around time (TAT). We also manage every step of the check, including repairs, ensuring shorter lead-times.

Customer benefits: A trustworthy partner

Offering you six maintenance sites between AFI KLM E&M, its joint ventures, and its subsidiaries, we can fully satisfy your requirements, by providing all necessary human and technical resources. Our strong presence in Europe and Africa is your guarantee of optimal service.


AFI KLM E&M boasts over 80 years' experience in defining, developing and following up on aircraft maintenance activities. As we operate and maintain the AIR FRANCE KLM fleet, we are well positioned to fulfill your own requirements. What's more, our solid, lasting relationships with OAMs – including Airbus and Boeing – and many OEMs guarantee you a high-quality service.

A full range of solutions

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance - Airframe Solutions

Truly dedicated care for your aircraft : With our six facilities specialized in airframe maintenance and our worldwide AOG and local support services, we optimize your fleet utilization and ensure lasting safety and reliability, maintaining your assets to the highest level of operational readiness.

Integrated Maintenance Solutions

AFI KLM E&M provides all types of maintenance during the whole life of your aircraft at six main maintenance facilities:
   >Line maintenance (transit, daily and weekly checks) over 160 stations worldwide

   >Light maintenance (A to C checks) at Amsterdam, Casablanca, Norwich, Orly, Roissy CDG,
     and Toulouse

   >Heavy maintenance (C and D checks) at Amsterdam, Casablanca, Norwich, Orly, and Toulouse    

   >AOG support

   >Engineering: CAMO (and implementation) and MCC

   >Cabin and avionics modifications, engineering and implementation, from refurbishment to IFE

     and connectivity upgrades


A modern cabin is an undeniable advantage for your airline's brand image. We can perform the entire spectrum of solutions for your modifications, from the most basic and cost-effective to the most complex, providing you with a real product differentiator. This also includes quick-change solutions.
To that extent, as an integrator, we are able to design and certify LOPA and we offer the most up-to-date experience with the latest innovations, namely the latest IFE systems, Connectivity, Wi-Fi, and EFBs.

Maintenance Management

Thanks to our fleet management assistance, we develop maintenance schedules to your specifications, taking manufacturer and regulatory requirements into account. We help you update them each time you enlarge your fleet.

We manage the transition maintenance between two operators, evaluating aircraft status, carrying out the technical work, and ensuring that aircraft is rapidly and efficiently leased or sold.
Capitalize on your aircraft check
AFI KLM E&M, as leading airline-MRO operator, can develop and handle an integrated maintenance program for your aircraft. To optimize your time, we can also carry out other inspections, overhauls, and/or repairs on aerostructures, components, and engines during an airframe check.
As one-stop-shop, our team of specialists will work to your own time constraints and need for effectiveness.
Operational Support for metal and composite materials
When faced with the unexpected, our 24/7 AOG support is your guarantee of an immediate contact with our experts to draw up and implement an action plan.

As a beneficiary of a comprehensive array of regulatory maintenance approvals – including EASA Part 145, FAR 145 and other local approvals – we can work on grounded aircraft anywhere in the world.
Our base support is here to guarantee reliable, safe operations all year round. We can also set up permanent teams at your home bases for all maintenance activities.

AFI KLM E&M is an expert in new materials repairs such as composites, and has made major contributions to developing capabilities on new generation aircraft, such as the 787 and the A350.

Our capabilities: a global MRO services

Flexibility Fleet Management

6 maintenance sites

Highly-qualified experts

Tailored solutions

Configuration Management

Fleet Maintenance Planning

Maintenance Production Planning

A/C Transition Management

Maintenance On-site support

Line Maintenance

Light Maintenance

Heavy Maintenance

Modifications implementations

Engineering: CAMO & MCC

AOG On-site support

Local staff assignment & training

Local & main base support


AFI KLM E&M Airframe Network

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A320 Series





Boeing 737 Series Boeing 747


Boeing 787

Fokker 70/100

Avro RJ/
BAe 146
X X X X X X X X X X (1) X (1)
X X X X X X X X X X (1) X (1)
 Heavy   Maintenance X       X X     X X (1) X (1)
X X X X X X X X X X (1) X (1)
 Painting X (1) X (1) X (1) X (1)

(1): Unique capability in Norwich - KLM UK Engineering