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Boeing 737 - Maintenance Solutions

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - Boeing 737 components

An expert program delivering significant commercial success
The unique CSP offering was the outcome of a rapprochement between a global aircraft maintenance market leader and a major airplane maker in the early 2000s. It benefits from AFI KLM E&M's know-how and in-depth knowledge of operating airplanes, and from Boeing's OEM experience of systems and components.

Based on a large-scale pooling arrangement generating substantial economies of scale, the CSP program offers customers top-flight service quality and pricing. The CSP is already available for the 777 and Next-Generation 737, and will now be on offer to future operators of the 737 MAX.

Large numbers of airlines all around the world have already opted for CSP 737, making AFI KLM E&M and Boeing leading component support providers for the global 737 fleet.

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Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - Boeing 737 Airframe


All types of checks in connection with 737CG and NG airframe maintenance are carried out at Amsterdam, Norwich and Casablanca.
We are also able to offer engineering support on customer's premises.





A strong global network for 737 airframe solutions maintenance

operates at Casablanca’s International Mohammed V airport in Morocco, and provides 737NG overhaul services from A-Checks to D-Checks.Its outstanding location makes it an ideal partner for the medium-haul fleets of airlines operating in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. ATI offers you an attractive opportunity to optimize your maintenance costs while simultaneously benefiting from top-quality EASA Part145-certified services.

KLM UK Engineering Limited is a leading regional and narrow body MRO wholly owned by AFI KLM E&M Network. Services include base maintenance, line maintenance, component sales, technical training and decommissioning for all Boeing 737 series.


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Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - LEAP-1B

The LEAP-1B is a new-generation engine equipping the Boeing 737MAX.
It succeeds the hugely successful CFM56 powerplant, on which AFI KLM E&M has developed in-depth knowledge over a decade and more. AFI KLM E&M has also demonstrated its adaptability when faced with the challenge of integrating new engines such as the GEnx.




Ongoing industrialization

To develop our LEAP capability, we placed it on a "lean" continuous improvement footing right from the outset. We have worked on the LEAP with a dedicated team that was involved right from the start of the offer development process. We have injected a mix of skills into the team to encourage knowledge sharing and to develop in-depth understanding of the engine and cutting-edge know-how. Today, the LEAP team is deploying very positive energy and concentrating on continuously improving its skills. This is an important factor for this still-young engine, which will potentially see many further improvements and innovations.

The Group has thus become one of the first suppliers of MRO services able to assist LEAP operators worldwide during the entry into operational service phase. At AFI KLM E&M, our teams can intervene on activities such as engine build-up, borescope inspection, and line replaceable unit (LRU) replacement services, among many others, in response to the requirements of operating airlines.

The recognition of our robust expertise by the regulatory authorities and the engine manufacturer is an additional trust-building guarantee for our clients.
Certification confirms AFI KLM E&M expertise and commitment to support new-generation jet engines.


Parallel work

Depending on the workscope, AFI KLM E&M will also be able to assist customers in other areas related to maintenance work on the LEAP engine, such as:

- Aircraft / engine consultancy

- Tooling and component support,

- Quick-turn

- Shop visit

- On-Wing & On-Site Services




Customer Benefits: 

> Capability extension at a proven and major MRO
> Better understanding of airline concerns
> Alternative to the OEM
> On-Wing and on-site support
> Dedicated hospital chains to fix technical issues with short TAT
> A multi-product MRO, also able to propose none-engine related services 

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Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - CFM56-7


AFI KLM E&M has one of the most experienced CFM56-7 shops worldwide with a yearly expected shop visit workload of more than 70 full overhauls. With the establishment of our new engine shop at Schiphol in 2004, we have developed a truly high quality product with low TAT and competitive price. For these reasons AFI KLM E&M is one of the major MROs for the most popular engine in commercial aviation.
We have developed a truly high quality product with low TAT and competitive price. With the establishment of our new engine shop at Schiphol in 2004, we have created enough shop capacity to be ready for future demand.
Our engineering expertise in workscoping, associated with a strong in-house repair development policy, contribute to reduce customers material bill. Together we can find the optimum for maintenance spending and time on wing performance.


All Engine Solutions

As an airline-MRO, we provide services tailored to your need

Spare engine availability to support your operations during shop visits, whether their engine removal is scheduled or not.

On Site Support: benefit from our large airline-MRO combined experience at your own main base or outstation. We have developed on-wing and on-site dedicated solutions that we offer to our customers: on-wing inspections, engine change, J-Hook repair, Gear Box replacement, HPC Top Case repairs...

Short term slot availability.

Competitive pricing for single visit (T&M,NTE).

Gas path analysis: AFI KLM E&M developed a dedicated tool  to analyze the performance of the gas turbine after overhaul or after an inbound test run. This analysis report enable  to determine intended limited workscopes.

Key Figures

> over 350 core performance restoration shop visits
> over 220 on-wing / hospital repairs

Solutions: A Global Training Offer

Aircraft Maintenance Type Training:

 Catégories  B1   B2   B1+B2   C 
 737-300/400/500 (CFM56) x x x
 737-600/700/800/900 (CFM56) x x x
 747-400 (GE CF6) (PW400) (RR RB211) x x x
 777-200/300 (GE90) (PW4000) (RRB211) x



 787-8/-9 (GE Genx) (RR RB 211 Tirent 1000) x
MD11 (GE CF6) (PW4000) x x x
 Engines & Interfaces
 737-300/400/500 (CFM56) to 737-600/700/800/900 (CFM56) x
 777 (GE90) to 777 (PW 4000) x x x
 737-300/400/500 (CFM56) x
 747-400 (GE CF6) (PW4000) (RR RB211) x
 777-200/300 (GE90) (PW4000) (RRB211) x
 MD11 (GE CF6) (PW4000) x



Our type training consists of theoretical and practical courses according to EASA Part 66 / 147.
It develops your knowledge and skills for work on the aircraft fuselage, engines and systems.We train you to a high degree of expertise so that you can quickly and effectively carry out all scheduled or unscheduled maintenance work.
We are able to capitalise on our operational experience and in-depth knowledge of a large variety of aircraft types and engines to feed into and support our courses.


Basic maintenance training:


- KLM UK Engineering Technical College, located in Norwich, offers EASA Part 66 Category A and B1.1 basic training.
We deliver a Foundation Degree in Aircraft Engineering, in conjunction with Kingston University London. In this programme, Ab Initio students complete both an academic degree and EASA B1.1 training.We also offer EASA Part 66 Cat A and B1.1 basic training as a structured self-study programme, with instructor support, as well as Part 66 conversion courses for engineers wishing to remove restrictions 1 and 9 from their licences.

- AFMAé, located in Paris, offers EASA Part 66 Category A, B1.1 and B2 basic training, as well as conversion courses between sub-categories.


Specialised Training:


Our vast range of specialised training includes:

- Refresher, Continuation courses

- Structure and cabin maintenance / repair

- Engine Run Up

- (Executive) General familiarization


- Borescope inspection

- Human Factors

- E.W.I.S. (groups 1-8)

- Fuel Tank Safety

- Technical Aviation English

- EASA Regulations

- Upon request we can develop other specialised training

Consulting Services


AFI KLM E&M Training advises and supports aviation companies, maintenance and training organisations. Our services include consulting in staff selection, skill-upgrading, setting up a Part 66/147 basic and type rating training centres, organisational development, training needs analysis, safety and quality management.

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Honeywell GTCP 131-9B

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - Honeywell GTCP 131-9B

AFI KLM E&M provides Auxiliary Power Units (APU) maintenance in cooperation with EPCOR, part of AFI KLM E&M network.

>The 131-9B APU is manufactured by Honeywell
> It is installed in the Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft (737-500, -600, -700, -800, -900)
> The 131-9B is an ETOPS certified APU
> EPCOR is an OEM approved warranty repair station for the 131-9B APU

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