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Boeing 787 - Maintenance Solutions

Boeing 787 Solutions

Ready to take off with your Boeing 787?

We're ready...
AFI KLM E&M offers its customers all the latest technology for their new generation aircraft, highly qualified manpower, and enough capacity to be really flexible.

...and you will benefit from it!
Operational integrity is key from the day you fly the aircraft. This is why you are rightfully expecting efficiency, availability and services.

Component solutions and expertise for long-haul partnerships

The AFI KLM E&M 787 Component Support model is organised around in-house capabilities in the Air France KLM group workshops. The aim is to reach an in-house repair capability of 70-80% of the flow of Components no later than 2015. Our repair shops are organised to produce against a predictable and stable TAT which enables us to optimise inventory and having the workshops close to the pool ensures the highest possible operational availability of the pooled components.

All-inclusive services

Optimize your total cost of ownership thanks to our competitive all-inclusive offering. Our tailor-made flexible component support packages will help you launch the new 787 with a smaller investment, while the AFI KLM E&M group's buying power and pooling program let you benefit from the scale effect of a large MRO Group. Over 150 customers now entrust their aircraft to the Group and appreciate its tailored, individual solutions. The renewal of maintenance contracts encourages the Group to develop new products and services for its various MRO activities. AFI KLM E&M's customers are moving towards service integration, which calls of access to a spares pool. As a result, the Group is deploying appropriate support services worldwide with local supply chain units.

On-aircraft Composite Repair Services

AFI KLM E&M has many years of experience on AOG's for metal structures and has extended the existing quick response team with specialists on composite and metal bonding repairs. In principle the quick response team is packed and ready to fly to the desired destination within 4 hours, where they will assess the composite damage and determine the optimal repair method together with the customer (depending on the situation, e.g. AOG, outstation, temporary/permanent repair, etc.).


> Test, repair and overhaul of 787 components;
> Pool access;
> Component spare parts exchange programs;
> Local stocks at customer's home-base and/or outstations;
> Worldwide MRO Services;
> Composite repairs;
> APU maintenance;
> Component engineering;
> Warranty administration and life-time monitoring of components;
> Inventory management and control;
> Aircraft On Ground services (AOG), daily request handling, logistics, and warehousing;
> More 787 services under review (airframe, engines,...)


Strengths you can rely on

> Tailor-made flexible component support packages
> One-stop shopping
> Buying power of AFI KLM E&M
> Logistics & distribution capacity (AOG Desk 24/7)
> CSR, green attitude
> Innovation, Continuous improvement

All Component Solutions

787 Solutions

Adaptive to Latest generation aircraft

All latest-generation aircraft - and the Boeing 787 is no exception - can reap the benefits of AFI KLM E&M know-how. Our specialist staff are geared up to deploy targeted solutions tailored to your maintenance requirements for this new aircraft type. With the set-up of a new ATEC avionics test cell in Amsterdam, AFI KLM E&M has boosted its capacity in this area. AFI KLM E&M offers a fully-integrated portfolio of services on GEnx in Amsterdam and in its subsidiary CRMA for engine parts repair.

Sharing Operator experience for optimizing maintenance

As an Operator ourselves, we are keen on optimizing maintenance check intervals and escalation thereof. We leverage our decades of experience in this field by actively participating in 787 Fleet Team Conference and 787 Industry Steering Committee. Future customers benefit from the "open-door culture" we established with our current 787 customers, to share first hand operator experience. Eventually we set up a dedicated Fleet Team with recurring meetings and interlinking, sharing and analyzing our own fleet experience with other customers.

Fleet Technical Management

Our suite of Fleet Technical Management Services ensures your 787 is ready for timetable compliance: on-time, in the right configuration, in airworthy condition and in a cost-efficient way.

E-operation support for increased fleet utilization

Being a frontrunner on the e-Enabled framework on 777s, this extensive experience gives us a head start in sharing this knowledge with our 787 customers too. Benefit from our on-site and/or remote e-Operation consultancy to:
> specify the e-Enabled scope,
> set-up the infrastructure regarding availability, back-up, recovery, support and update,
> meet compliance and security requirements,
> acquire necessary (authority) approvals,
> liaise with the Part M, Maintenance Control and Flight Operation organizations,
> the different e-Enabled vendors and the different infrastructure vendors,
> establish processes and procedures for implementation, management and control of the complete e-Enabled scope.

Aircraft Health Management prevents unscheduled maintenance

Maintenance Control Center is monitoring, supporting and managing its customer fleet 24/7/365. Maximum fleet availability is supported by on-site and/or remote consultancy for:
> Continuous aircraft monitoring,
> Fault or warning message management,
> Troubleshooting management,
> Fault history analysis and preventive maintenance management.

Engineering for operational proof solutions

Owing to a significant operator experience, AFI KLM E&M Engineering provides its customers with reliable and operational proof solutions. Our specialist Engineers offers on-site and/or remote consultancy for Maintenance Program Management, Fleet Performance Management, Data Management, Operator Support, and Design Engineering.

Seamless introduction in good hands

Your guarantee that the 787 will integrate seamlessly into your own fleet is our experience with first 787 customers, 787 airline partners and 787 parent airlines. AFI KLM E&M  provides support for: Initial provisioning according SPEC2000, including tooling & equipment loans, Build-supervision during aircraft production at BOEING Everett/Charleston, including "buy-back" and "commitment-item" assistance, Delivery and acceptance, including ground check support, flight check acceptance support, and related and necessary procedure lists.

Line Maintenance, everywhere, anytime - rely on the best

AFI KLM E&M line maintenance services are available at more than 100 airports worldwide.
Our round-the-clock tailor made support on 787 include:

> Full technical handling
> Technical assistance
> On-call maintenance
> Night stop checks
> Pre-flight services
> AOG support.

Technical Training: quality training to suit your needs

AFI KLM E&M offers effective EASA part 147 approved training solutions using diverse training methods including:

> classroom teaching
> Web Based Training (WBT)
> fixed base simulators
> practical courses with hands-on training and direct access to operating aircraft and FFS.

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - GEnx

A major player on the market for the GEnx new-generation engine.
The GEnx new-generation powerplant that equip the AIR FRANCE KLM fleet of Boeing 787s represents another step towards the future in MRO terms.
The terms of a partnership agreement with General Electric have already been finalized, making AFI KLM E&M one of the few flagship maintenance services suppliers within the MRO network built up by the engine maker for the GEnx.
Benefiting from its GE90 expertise, AFI KLM E&M leverages its past industrialization experience to set up an optimal, robust maintenance network structured around its industrial facilities - production workshops, engineering functions, and logistics engineering - in Amsterdam and Paris, along with those of its CRMA subsidiary.
Since May 2014, a vast amount of planning and preparation has gone into developing an offering tailored to the engine maintenance requirements of the first airlines operating the Boeing 787.

Dedicated GEnx team

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - GEnx

To develop our GEnx capability, we placed it on a "lean" continuous improvement footing right from the outset. We have worked on the GEnx with a dedicated team that was involved right from the start of the offer development process. We have injected a mix of skills into the team to encourage knowledge sharing and to develop in-depth understanding of the engine and cutting-edge know-how. Today, the team is deploying very positive energy and concentrating on the continuous improvement of its skills. This is an important factor for this still-young engine, which will potentially see many further improvements and innovations.

Approved engine support activity ready to go
AFI KLM E&M's GEnx product offer was approved in December 2014 with the granting of new EASA certification. EASA certification is a key stage, successfully completed by AFI KLM E&M. The Group is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards and optimum efficiency in all its products and services
The recognition of our robust expertise by the regulatory authorities and the engine manufacturer is an additional trust-building guarantee for our clients.

Certification confirms AFI KLM E&M expertise and commitment to support new-generation jet engines.

Quick Turn

AFI KLM E&M teams have maintenance, repair and overhaul capabilities at its Schiphol engine shop. As a first step AFI KLM E&M obtained its first Quick Turn (QT) capability in October 2014.
AFI KLM E&M is now able to carry out a range of GEnx quick turn maintenance operations involving fan mid-shafts and combustors. The quick turn configuration means engine performance can be restored rapidly, at the same time as it minimizes interruptions and downtime for client airlines.

On the strength of these combined capabilities in its global MRO network, AFI KLM E&M can provide comprehensive, effective engine support solutions to fully satisfy its clients' expectations.

AFI KLM E&M already in Quick Turn configuration
Even before the first full shop visits, AFI KLM E&M is able to carry out the "quick turn" light maintenance work required to improve the engine performance and on-wing lifespan. Although the time required for this type of work has yet to be determined, it seems likely that it will be similar to that required for the GE90. This is because the overall architecture of the GEnx is similar to that of its GE90 "big brother". The two engine types also share a number of technologies, such as composite fan blades. This technical family likeness should allow AFI KLM E&M's engine shops to capitalize on their extensive experience and knowledge both in terms of operational behavior and of repair, maintenance, and overhaul operations.

The AFI KLM E&M engine shop at Schiphol  has already completed several "Quick Turn" shop visits on GE Aviation GEnx-1B engines.

AFI KLM E&M has become the first MRO network for the GEnx-1B aside from the OEM able to provide quick turn services to the market.

Final testing will be carried out at AFI KLM E&M's test cell in Paris, the only one in Europe to be approved besides General Electric's own. AFI KLM E&M's GEnx expertise will also cover engine component repair requirements, through its CRMA subsidiary and AFI KLM E&M's repair centers of excellence in Amsterdam and Paris.
AFI KLM E&M can also implement hospital chains to intervene quickly on a specific engine issue directly on-wing, always with a focus on limiting the ground time of the engine or aircraft.
Following the Quick Turn experience, AFI KLM E&M engine shops will be able to provide Qualifying Shop Visits, industrialization for which is ongoing and should be finalized in 2015.
Subsequently, engine part repairs are also one of the GEnx development objectives for AFI KLM E&M. CRMA has extensive knowledge and expertise in combustor repairs (including the GE90), and will industrialize repairs for GEnx-1B engines as this is a priority.

Customer Benefits: 

> Capability extension at a proven and major MRO
> Proven experience on VBE, in particular the GE90 and GP7200
> Better understanding of airline concerns
> Sole non-OEM MRO to develop PBH support for VBE engines
> Alternative to the OEM (GE)
> Operational experience leveraged in our services
> State-of-the-art repair shops in Amsterdam and Paris
> Tailor-made, flexible engine support packages
> High cost control due to repair to centric model
> Spares support
> On-Wing and on-site support
> Dedicated hospital chains to fix technical issues with short TAT
> Accessories & LRU shops
> 24/7 AOG Desk for components support
> A multi-product MRO, also able to propose none-engine related services 
> Logistics & Distribution capacity

All Engine Solutions

APU Support Services, maximizing value

Within AFI KLM E&M, APU support services for the APS5000 is provided by EPCOR, a full KLM subsidiary conveniently located at Schiphol Airport with a wealth of experience in APU repair. As a member of the Hamilton Sundstrand repair network, EPCOR can handle OEM warranty repairs.