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Aircraft Engine Maintenance

Operating leading-edge engine facilities in Paris and Amsterdam, AFI KLM E&M offers integrated tailor-made services adjusted to the needs of its customers' organization.

Thanks to its combined experience as an Airline-MRO engine shop for over 80 years, the group has developed broad MRO capabilities on GE and CFMI engines from the newest engine types to the prior ones, able to support all customer's fleet evolution. Recently, AFIKLM E&M also add the PW4000-94 engine type to its portfolio.

AFI KLM E&M is proud to serve a wide portfolio of customer: airlines of all kinds (from low cost to legacy carriers), Lessors and also Part Traders from all over the world.
Our shops are approved by a large number of aviation authorities (including USA, Japan and China).

Our unique contract management flexibility allows us to adapt our services to any change in our customers' fleet and needs during the contract term.


AFI KLM E&M - Engine Solutions

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Adaptive Engine Maintenance Services: A total relationship, by your side always


Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - Engine


As an airline-MRO, we have gained a combined experience and we perfectly understand the need of our customers to reduce their engine maintenance costs,  a purpose for which we can help them using different means such as: customized workscopes, parts repair development to avoid costly replacement, as well as used serviceable parts installation.



Our Airline-MRO position also guarantees our independence when it comes to choosing the most effective options for our customers' engines. We are able to get the best from our strong partnership with OEMs as well as to develop alternative solutions that increase our customers' benefits.

In any case, AFI KLM E&M provides:

  > guaranteed TAT;
  > engineering Expertise to optimize both costs and "Mean Time Between Removal" (MTBR);
  > slot flexibility through our engine MRO network;
  > workmanship quality based on a high skilled and experienced labor force;
  > contract flexibility ranging from T&M to Fixed Prices, or different kinds of Flight Hours programs.


Shop Visit Support

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - Shop Visit Support


AFI KLM E&M overhauls the engines used in its own fleet alongside those of customers at leading-edge shops in Paris, Amsterdam and Miami. AFI KLM E&M is continually investing in its infrastructure to make sure it stays at the technological forefront.

Ranging from disassembly to repair and reassembly followed by validation tests, etc., the various stages in engine overhaul are carried out by our experts according to proven processes.

Our engine shops capacity reaches 500 shop visits a year on a wide range of engine types.


We offer our customers flexibility to align with their operational priorities allowing them to achieve the optimum trade-off between control over TAT, maintenance costs and time on-wing:

> Fixed price: this solution enables customers to budget their engine overhaul costs avoiding unpleasant surprises;
> Time & Material: for even greater cost control the price is based on the time and materials needed for engine overhaul.
> Power By the Hour (PBH): this solution includes different types of services, risk is transferred to the MRO and the customer benefits of engine maintenance costs predictability.

Hospital Chain

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - Hospital Chain


As a launch airline or long-time operator of several engine types, AFI KLM E&M has developed acknowledged experience in identifying and correcting specific technical problems. We use the feedback from our fleet operations to devise targeted, tailor-made workscopes while keeping TAT to a minimum.

Our Hospital Chain solutions allow customers to control their operational risks and costs through an appropriate preventive policy, as well as answer their needs for unscheduled repairs, based on our slot flexibility. In the end, we build together customized solutions matching your operational constraints, your engines technical status, your TAT and your reliability requirements.


Engine Test Bench

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - Engine Test Bench

AFI KLM E&M operates two engine test cells, one at its Amsterdam base, and the other in Paris, making able to test the full range of CFM56, CF6, GE90 and GP7200 engines.



New Engine Test Cell for AFI KLM E&M

Module Repair

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - Module Repair


Alongside with our full engine overhaul services, we are able to provide individual modules repairs to customers' shops having a partial capability or requiring additional capacity. In such cases, our customers can fully rely on our long-time experience in engine shops and on the quality of our highly skilled workforce.







Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - APU


AFI KLM E&M's Netherlands-based EPCOR subsidiary overhauls and repairs APUs that fit A320, A330, 340, 737NG and 777 fleets.










AFI KLM E&M repairs a large scope of engine "line replaceable units" (LRU), to support both your on-wing and off-wing needs. We particularly focus on products that are the main contributors to flights delays and cancellations and also an products that require extensive expertise and know-how.

Our customers are offered different kind of solutions to support their LRU maintenance needs, from single repairs to standard exchanges, spare support or flight hour programs.

Our extensive logistics network guarantees rapid, efficient, 24/7 AOG support services to minimize aircraft downtime. We are also able to integrate your engine accessories within a comprehensive engine support, or within an aircraft components support.

And based on our significant combined experience as an airline-MRO, we can advise you on customized workscopes and on your "main base kits" (MBK) in order to optimize your investments.

In the end, you will be able to reduce the size of your inventory thanks to low TAT and a high reliability, and to join the numerous engine operators who already chose to send their LRUs to us rather than to the OEMs.

Engine Parts Repair

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - Engine Parts Repair


Workshops at both AFI KLM E&M and at our CRMA subsidiary offer extensive capabilities for engine parts repairs. We are driven by the will to constantly develop part repairs to reduce scrap rate and decrease shop visit cost.
We provide OEM repairs as well as alternative ones through DER or DOA approvals. But recognizing the importance of lessors' requirements, we also constantly challenge OEMs and propose them new repairs co-developments. Our broad customer portfolio includes major OEMs and MROs.

Engine parts repair has been organized, as a Center of Excellence within AFI KLM E&M, which assures a proactive repairs development policy in order to avoid scrap replacement. Such a constant expansion of our in-house repairs capabilities represents an important way to reduce your engine maintenance costs, while the high quality of our repairs contributes to extend your engine parts' lifespan.

Fleet Management


AFI KLM E&M leverages its experience as a fleet operator to carry out in-depth technical monitoring of its customers' engine fleets.

Alongside with being a form of asset management that preserve the market value of your engines, our fleet engineering solutions are a key to let you control your flight hours costs, optimizing the balance between engine reliability and maintenance costs through a proven engine removal strategy.

We also provide Engine Technical standard Optimization through Service Bulletin recommendations in line with your operational targets and engine's owner requirements.


Engine performance monitoring

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - Engine performance monitoring


Measurements carried out on engines provide daily data, allowing our AFI KLM E&M engineering team to monitor their performance (fuel consumption, EGT margin, oil consumption, etc.) and recommend on-wing maintenance actions. This approach leads to the following proven benefits:

  > increased engine on-wing lifespan;
  > incident prevention;
  > reduced engine operational and maintenance costs.

Drawing on its extensive operational expertise, AFI KLM E&M is able to recommend customized engine performance monitoring parameters. Alerts generated through this process allow a closer follow-up, in line with the customer's needs and resulting in an even more refined monitoring than the OEM's.


In-shop Engineering


Every stage of the overhaul process takes place under the eagle eye of one of our specialists.
We build customized workscopes in close cooperation with customers' needs regarding engine performance and costs. And we create shop visit cost reduction through the most efficient technical solutions for your parts, looking for available repairs or used serviceable parts.


Last but not least: should you need a second assessment expertise, our engineers will assist your technical team in any remote engine shop.

Managing Warranties


Based on the long-standing relationships AFI KLM E&M has built with OEMs and its broad engineering experience in handling warranties for large fleets, we offer problem-free management of your warranty claims. We oversee warranties on all parts that have not come fully up to expectations.


Keep flying: We know what to do anywhere

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - On-wing Inspections and Repairs

Because AFI KLM E&M is convinced that cost savings are gained by a combination of on-wing/on-site operations and shop visits, we have developed on-wing and on-site solutions that we are eager to share with our customers. On-wing/on-site operations are designed to fix technical issues and carry out preventive maintenance, while shop visits restore engine performance.
AFI KLM E&M maintains over 1,800 CFM & GE engines (including the GP7200), and as an MRO affiliated to airlines, AFI KLM E&M understands operational challenges and does everything possible to take the burden off you in the event of an AOG situation.

On-wing/on-site service is key for airlines

First, because in the event of an engine AOG situation, on-wing service is sometimes necessary to release an aircraft back to flight operations, and second, because on-wing and on-site operations that can be scheduled are necessary to reach expected time on-wing. AFI KLM E&M supports more than 1,800 engines and has implemented field-proven on-wing and onsite solutions for most GE and CFMI engines, including the GP7200. Our on-wing support teams can intervene across the globe with highly experienced mechanics working independently.

AFI KLM E&M is committed to continuously developing innovative solutions to cut maintenance costs
and better support airlines:

  • Smart engineering monitoring: accurate defect detection
  • Gantry Crane for CFM56 engine: full autonomous operations at locations lacking hoisting deviceGE90 AGB specific tooling: AFI KLM E&M sole MRO able to perform on-wing GE90 AGB replacement
  • GE90 / 80C / 80E / CFM56-7B fan case abradable on-wing repair: entire set of mobile equipment, including a shelter that surrounds the entire fan case area for a controlled environment
  • 80E Turbine rear frame replacement on-site
  • Dedicated tooling containers meeting transportation rules: improved responsiveness and coverage


Customer benefits:

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) -

  • Economies of scale – dedicated tooling & solutions to smooth flight operations and avoid engine shop visits
  • 400+ on-wing and on-site operations are carried out each year by our on-wing support teams
  • Flexibility & Responsiveness
  • Adaptive turnkey solutions with price transparency
  • Cost savings
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Airline minded: we understand operational challenges and constraints
  • GE90 expertise: as launch company of the GE90-115B, we are at the forefront of development of dedicated on-wing/on-site solutions


We can provide you On Wing Services for these types of engines:

  • CFM56-5A / -5B / -5C
  • CFM56-7B
  • GE94
  • GE115B
  • GP7200
  • LEAP 1A/1B


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"Extending our leading position on GE90 engines, we are also building up comprehensive capabilities for the GEnx-1B..."

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Engine On-Wing & On-Site Services by AFI KLM E&M
Keep flying: We know what to do anywhere

Flight Hour Program


Our Flight Hour Program provides an integrated service offering full engine maintenance support at a fixed cost per flight hour.

Your benefits:

> engine maintenance cost predictability;
> flexible customized F/H programs with different financial scenarios, adapted to your fleet size, ownership and age;
> financial risks transferred to your engine MRO provider
> simple invoicing process;

And fixed prices doesn't mean no flexibility: we can define with each customer the best balance between its needs of expenses smoothing and cash preservation.



Pooling share large similarity with flight hour maintenance programs as the pooling service includes the guaranteed availability of spare engines.
Maintenance cost is paid per flight hour per engine and the availability is paid by a fixed monthly fee or flight hour rate.

Integrated services include services such as engineering, engine monitoring, warranty control, line maintenance support and AOG support.

It grants you:

> predictable maintenance costs;
> constant cash flow;
> guaranteed availability of spares;
> access to AFI KLM E&M's performance and experience;
> a long-term partnership.

Xchange Program


Our Xchange program for the CF6-50 engine is an availability program based on engine title transfers, resulting in fixed shop visit prices (without exclusions).

Your advantages are:

> "ready-to-go" serviceable engines on-site;
> engine reliability with a maximum 24/72 hour availability gap;
> minimum total cost of ownership (TCO);
> predictable costs;
> long-term partnership;
> total engine solution with no micro-management by customer required.

Spare Engine

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - Spare Engine


Spare engine assistance avoids you costly investments in your own spares and secures the continuity of your operations by giving you access to a leased spare engine.


AFI KLM E&M - Engine Teardown

Bonus Tech Inc., our subsidiary based in Miami (Florida), offers complete teardown for the most popular engine models. Bonus Tech has flexibility to prioritize engine disassembly and make 90 % of the high value components available in two weeks or less for large fan engine types.

Teardown Capacities

The following are the most common engine lines offered by Bonus Tech, Inc.

> Pratt & Whitney 4000 Engine Series
> Pratt & Whitney JT8D Engine Series
> Pratt & Whitney JT8D -200Engine Series
> IAV 2500 series
> General Electric CF34 Engine Series
> General Electric CF6 Engine Series
> CFM International CFM56 Engine Series
> Rolls Royce RB211 Engine Series

About Bonus Tech

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