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Line Maintenance

Adaptiveness®: everywhere, anytime - rely on the best

AFI KLM E&M line maintenance services are available at more than 100 airports worldwide. With almost 800 highly-skilled engineers and mechanics, consistently using the latest technology and knowhow, it comes as no surprise that 150 airlines entrust their line maintenance operations to the competent and reliable hands of AFI KLM E&M.

Capability Always near to take you forward

We operate a vast network to deliver an excellent line maintenance support for a broad range of aircraft types including the latest models such as the A380, 747-8, 787 Dreamliner and the A350. Our highly qualified and motivated workforce, with a variety of capabilities, is ready to provide you with a 24/7 technical support and to release your aircraft, the certification in accordance with EASA 145 standards. In addition to the EASA Maintenance Organization Approval, AFI KLM E&M holds approvals from several other National Aviation Authorities.

Flexibility Worldwide tailor-made solutions

Our key asset is the structure of our network which includes the global logistic reach of AFI KLM E&M allowing us to provide you with the best remote network of solutions. We also offer tailor-made line maintenance support answering our customers' expectations & operational demands for flexible and adapative solutions to their daily news.

Outstanding know-how

With an added value of over 90 years experience, AFI KLM E&M International Line Maintenance guarantees advanced world ranking maintenance expertise to its customers.

Availability Everywhere, anytime

Excellence is the watchword for our workforce, serving a global network covering over 100 airports. A human and logistics network on that scale guarantees an outstanding ability to adapt together with maximum availability.

Reliability Long-term customer relationships

We have the technical qualifications to work on all Airbus and Boeing fleets and their power plants. We provide tailor-made support to perfectly match with our customers' expectations and requirements within "on time performance".

Environmental awareness “Green maintenance” to reduce CO2 emissions

AFI KLM E&M Line Maintenance is a unique player on the market. Not only taking care of your maintenance, but also caring about our environment. We are leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development. We truly believe in ‘greener’ engines. For example, our unique engine water washing system makes your engines cleaner and reduces CO2 emissions.

Always ahead in line maintenance

Our Solutions

> Full technical handling (transit, daily, weekly checks)

> Technical assistance

> On- call maintenance

> Night stop check

> Pre-flight service

> Cabin maintenance

> IFE maintenance

> AOG support

> Engine water wash

> Adaptiveness® to customer needs for tailor-made solutions


AFI KLM E&M guarantees reliable worldwide engineering and maintenance solutions supported via our global network

AFI KLM E&M Line Maintenance Services

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AFI KLM E&M guarantees reliable worldwide engineering and maintenance solutions supported via our global network at more than 100 airports.
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