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Regional Aircraft - Maintenance Solutions

ATR, Bombardier, Embraer

Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) - Regional Aircraft


Various subsidiaries of AIR FRANCE KLM operate regional aircraft from the Group's hubs in Roissy-CDG and Schiphol. AFI KLM E&M has thus built component pools and repair capabilities to accompany them in their development.
We are proud to put such an expertise and capabilities at the service of other regional aircraft operators around the world.
AFI KLM E&M provides CRJ100/900, EMB135-145 and ATR42-72 in cooperation with AMG, its US subsidiary specialized in regional aircraft components. 
E-Jet 175-195 support is provided through our Spairliners joint-venture.



AFI KLM E&M provides CRJ 100/900, Embraer 135/145 and 170/190, as well as ATR 42/72 component support. Our US subsidiary also has regional aircraft repair capabilities.




We provide maintenance services for ERJ 135/145 aircraft and for the ERJ 170/190.
We also provide airframe maintenance for Fokker 50, 70 and 100 aircraft in Norwich, the main base of our KLM UKE subsidiary.


Solutions: A Global Training Offer

Aircraft Maintenance Type Training:

Catégories B1 B2 B1+B2 C
CRJ 100/200 x x x x
CRJ 700/705/900/1000 x x x
CRJ 100/200 to CRJ 700/705/900/1000
Difference course
CRJ 700 to CRJ 700/900
Difference course
CRJ 700/705/900 to CRJ 1000
Difference course
42-400/500/72-21-A (PWC PW120) x x
42-200/300 series (PWC PW120) x
72-100/200 series (PWC PW120) x
42-400/500/72-21-A (PWC PW120) to 42-200/300 series (PWC PW120)
Difference course
x x
42-400/500/72-21A (PWC PW120) to 72-100/200 series (PWC PW120)
Difference course
BAE 146
BAe 146 (ALF502) x x x
Avro RJ85 (ALF500 Series) x
BAe 146 (ALF502) to Avro RJ (LF507)
Difference course
EMB 135-145 (RR Corp AE 3700A) x x
EMB 135-145 (RR Corp AE 3700A) B1 to B2 Difference course x
ERJ 170-190 (GE CF 34) x



Our type training (see our capabilities on the rear page) consists of theoretical and practical courses according to EASA Part 66 / 147. It develops your knowledge and skills for work on the aircraft fuselage, engines and systems. We train you to a high degree of expertise so that you can quickly and effectively carry out all scheduled or unscheduled maintenance work.
We are able to capitalise on our operational experience and in-depth knowledge of a large variety of aircraft types and engines to feed into and support our courses.

Basic maintenance training:


- KLM UK Engineering Technical College, located in Norwich, offers EASA Part 66 Category A and B1.1 basic training.
We deliver a Foundation Degree in Aircraft Engineering, in conjunction with Kingston University London. In this programme, Ab Initio students complete both an academic degree and EASA B1.1 training. We also offer EASA Part 66 Cat A and B1.1 basic training as a structured self-study programme, with instructor support, as well as Part 66 conversion courses for engineers wishing to remove restrictions 1 and 9 from their licences.

- AFMAé, located in Paris, offers EASA Part 66 Category A, B1.1 and B2 basic training, as well as conversion courses between sub-categories.


Specialised Training:


Our vast range of specialised training includes:
- Refresher, Continuation courses
- Engine Run Up
- Borescope inspection
- Human Factors
- Fuel Tank Safety
- E.W.I.S. (groups 1-8)
- EASA Regulations
- Technical Aviation English
- Boeing 787 Structure and cabin maintenance / repair


Consulting Services


AFI KLM E&M Training advises and supports aviation companies, maintenance and training organisations. Our services include consulting in staff selection, skill-upgrading, setting up Part 66/147 basic and type rating training centres, organisational development, training needs analysis, safety and quality management.

Course Catalog