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Fight against Covid-19

"Makers" are mobilizing and AFI KLM E&M is there to help.

To fight against Covid-19, "makers" are mobilizing and helping to cope with the explosion in requests for individual protection by hospital staff.

On a daily basis, the 3D printing experts at AFI KLM E&M's MRO LAB master and use digital manufacturing tools to design parts or objects in order to simplify working environments, optimize maintenance solutions or prototype new products. These highly qualified technicians have decided to invest in protecting the people most exposed to the virus by designing and manufacturing hundreds of visors.

“For some, the initiatives started at home with their own materials”

Jean-Baptiste Tissandier

Head of CDG's MRO Lab factory


Associated with national networks already in place (e.g. Fab&Co), all the know-how of AFI KLM E&M and its subsidiaries teams are brought to bear. Some visor models, already public, are redesigned to optimize productivity. The result is then implemented on the group's 3D printers to feed the supply chain specially created to supply hospitals. But solidarity goes further, and it is only natural that improvements to 3D models are shared so that other "makers" can reuse them.

“Through the "FAB&CO" network, we share the 3D models of visors and other protection tools we have designed, to make possible the manufacturing by other "makers", so it can benefit as many people as possible.”

Erwan Guérin

Head of Innovation at CRMA, the AFI KLM E&M subsidiary specializing in engine parts repair

And the involvement of the MRO organization of the Air France-KLM Group does not stop there. Other initiatives have already been taken to support the medical world as much as possible in this unprecedented situation. This is the case, in particular, of the supply of Oxygen kits for medical use to the French army. Usually used by airlines for the medical evacuation and transport of passengers requiring respiratory assistance, this equipment has been made available to military aircraft likely to move or transport patients to hospitals. For this purpose, the technicians of the Oxygen workshop of the Components activity have worked to put into service the greatest number of Oxygen kits in the shortest possible time.

Alone, these initiatives would not be enough, but they do contribute to the widespread solidarity that individuals and companies are putting in place to help healthcare workers deal with this globalized epidemic on a daily basis.


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