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Bonus Tech: added value all along the Engine Teardown chain

Bonus Tech:

Added value all along the Engine Teardown chain

A specialist in the disassembly of engines covered by AFI KLM E&M’s MRO network, Bonus Tech continues to enrich its offering in order to provide customers with new added-value services all throughout the engine teardown chain.


With services ranging from teardown to parts packing and tagging, Bonus Tech is a key partner to airlines, OEM, Lessors and parts suppliers when it comes to generating maximum value from their Engine assets. In recent years, the joint venture has successfully completed an extension of its industrial facilities, augmenting its production capacity from 3 to 4 lines (two of which are dedicated to Very Big Engines). This new operational structure has been carefully organised so as to meet the specific needs of its customers with ever-greater efficiency and flexibility.

Developing solutions that supplement core operations

In 2022 the company is pushing forward with new projects, as it aims to expand its commercial scope. Aurélie Kergoat, CEO of Bonus Tech, explains:

“We have augmented our activity in the inspection of engines and modules, in order to reinforce our capacity to support customers in the appraisal and valorisation of their assets. For certain engine types it can be worth keeping a module in serviceable condition, so that it can be installed on another engine. It is with this challenge in mind that, within the next few months, we will begin offering boroscopic engine inspections and repair services for serviceable modules in order to make them available to customers more quickly. This is the first marker of our broader ambition to develop supplementary services with high added value all along the engine teardown chain, including in asset management.”

Aurélie Kergoat

Bonus Tech CEO

Poised and ready

When it comes to insourcing this Part 145 capability, the teams from Bonus Tech can naturally draw upon AFI KLM E&M’s full range of experience and expertise. By establishing this new branch of services, the entity is continuing to adapt its industrial resources and solutions to align itself ever-more closely with the needs and expectations of its customers, during a crux period in which aircraft operators are maturing their purchasing strategies in the post-Covid context.

“Over the past two years, Bonus Tech’s engine incomings have been sustained mostly by Cargo assets, with significant volumes being processed in 2021 especially. In the early months of 2022 we have seen a slight slowdown, as operators seem to be waiting to see which engines they can buy at the right price. That said, we are starting to see signs of the market picking up again, so it is important for us to be ready and waiting so we can provide our customers with the best possible support and guidance.”

Aurélie Kergoat

Bonus Tech CEO

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Meet Bonus Tech at the MRO Americas 2022 booth #4051

Aurelie Kergoat

Chief Executive Officer at Bonus Tech

Aurelie will be there to meet you on Bonus Tech booth #4051. Feel free to contact her.

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