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Engine Customer Portal: real-time oversight with total transparency

Engine Customer Portal

Real-time oversight with total transparency

In the midst of its dynamic of digitization, AFI KLM E&M has recently launched a number of digital solutions, including the Engine Customer Portal. This particularly innovative tool enables customers to monitor, via a one-stop platform and in real time, the technical, administrative, commercial and financial status of their engine. While B2C operations have long offered customers a fully digitized experience, this has been less the case for B2B.

“We realised that it was essential for us to simplify the sales process and facilitate interactions with our customers, and the way to achieve this was through digitization. We have to adapt to our customers’ preferences, as is the case in B2C.”

Lucia Terroni

Customer Experience Manager at AFI KLM E&M

This observation has been transposed via the deployment of several digital solutions, thereby offering customers greater transparency with regard to the maintenance process, and enhanced interactions with the technical teams. The customer support teams, meanwhile, have seen their operational capacities increased, as Lucia Terroni emphasizes:

“With digitization, certain recurring tasks are automated, which therefore enables the teams to concentrate on more managing customer's expectations.”

Lucia Terroni

Customer Experience Manager at AFI KLM E&M

It is in line with these transparency and interaction principles that digital technology is used to support the AFI KLM E&M's 787 operators community. The dedicated platform allows the sharing of best practices and experiences around this aircraft’s operations. These regular exchanges between MRO experts and airlines have a positive impact on the improvement of engineering & maintenance procedures.

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A single tool with all the information

For example, the AFI KLM E&M Engine Portal is a one-stop platform, enabling customers who have submitted their engines for maintenance to enjoy real-time access to all the information they need to monitor the repair process: overview of the various operations performed, rolling updates to the schedule and budget, alerts when an unexpected issue is encountered during the operation, seeking solutions with the client, updating of all regulatory documentation, and more. With this portal, the customer benefits from full transparency on the progress, timeframes and costs of engine maintenance projects.

“Engine repair operations can extend over months, and represent a significant outlay for the customer. Previously, maintenance oversight involved more than a 1000 email exchanges per shop visit between the customers’ teams and our workshops in Paris and Amsterdam. Today, everything is centralised in a single platform, thereby providing everyone with greater clarity structure and simplicity. We’ve built this portal around the needs and expectations of our customers, and we continue to gather their feedback in order to keep on improving the platform with increasingly fine-tuned features.”

Michiel Schulte

Customer Experience Program Manager

Where innovation never sleeps

The latest addition to AFI KLM E&M’s range of innovative solutions, which includes the internally developed PROGNOS® predictive maintenance suite, the Engine Portal further illustrates the MRO’s capacity to innovate in order to bring its customers enhanced efficiency levels and focus on its core missions. Digital transformation has no limits. Building on the success of the Engine Portal, AFI KLM E&M continues to work on new modules and other solutions to provide the best for operators,... the BEST4YOU!

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