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New appointments to the AFI KLM E&M Executive Committee

New appointments to the AFI KLM E&M Executive Committee

On the 1st of January 2022, Bruno Tricoire and Nicolas Bertrand joined the Group Engineering & Maintenance Executive Committee as SVP Components and SVP Industrial Affairs & Projects respectively. In the meantime, former SVP Components Benjamin Moreau has been named as the new SVP Strategy & Business Development – a role he takes over from Johann Panier, who leaves to take the lead of the Air France Fleet as SVP Fleet Management.

“I would like to acknowledge and extend our warmest thanks to Johann Panier for his devotion and tireless hard work in the role of SVP Strategy & Business Development, and prior to that as CEO of BARFIELD, AFI KLM E&M’s flagship brand in the USA. Through his unwavering commitment, Johann made major contributions to the development of the Group’s networks, products and services, and their ability to meet the needs of our customers. We wish him nothing but success in all his future projects with Air France! I would also like to extend my best wishes to his successor, Benjamin Moreau, as well as to our two new arrivals to the E&M executive team: Bruno Tricoire and Nicolas Bertrand. Their impressive career paths, experience and talents are already well-known and appreciated, and will be precious assets as we enter a period of significant challenges for the Engineering & Maintenance business. We have every confidence in their success.”

Anne Brachet

EVP Air France-KLM Engineering & Maintenance

“I am honoured to be entrusted with this role to better serve our customers. The AFI KLM E&M global network is a cornerstone of our promise of service efficiency, responsiveness and proximity. To achieve the best for airlines in the future requires anticipating long-term trends along with combining the best of our own Airline MRO experience and of key stakeholders in the industry. We are focused on pursuing the enhancement of our adaptive solutions by forming the partnerships needed and by structuring our strategy around new products and services to suit the needs of airlines, wherever they are in the world.”

Benjamin Moreau

SVP Strategy & Business Development

““I am delighted by this appointment, and eager to tackle the challenges awaiting AFI KLM E&M vis-a-vis Component Products. As an airline-MRO, we perfectly understand the issues faced by the airlines with the progressive return to operations. In the short term, we are committed to providing them with dynamic and high-performance support during this particular time. In the longer term, we will continue to expand or adjust our range of services in order to meet the evolving needs of operators, to pursue our development efforts via new industrial capabilities, and to maintain and develop the localized services we offer our customers via our global workshop network.”

Bruno Tricoire

SVP Components

“It is with the utmost enthusiasm that I join the Engineering & Maintenance branch of the Air France-KLM Group. As its name suggests, Industrial Affairs & Projects focuses its efforts and attention in two main areas. The first is ensuring the maintenance and development of quality, mutually beneficial relationships with the various actors who make up the fabric of the industry we are evolving within. The second involves acting as a facilitator in the initiation, deployment and implementation of key AFI KLM E&M projects, all while ensuring their suitability and relevance vis-a-vis the expectations of stakeholders in the aviation ecosystem.”

Nicolas Bertrand

SVP Industrial Affairs & Projects