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KLMUKE ramps up the pace of digitization in Norwich

Equipped with tablets, the technicians at the Norwich maintenance centre are increasing efficiency to make hangar visits faster and more reliable. How does this innovation impact daily maintenance operations?

Following several months of testing, KLM UK Engineering has installed tablets in the five aircraft bays at its maintenance centre in Norwich, which is dedicated to heavy maintenance. Prior to this innovation, a technician needing to access a maintenance manual would have to go to a workstation to sign into the manufacturer's website. They would then print the document they needed and take it back onto the plane with them - a time-consuming process.

“With the tablets, it's quicker and easier for the mechanics and technicians to gather the information they need using an intuitive application. They can do so at their workstation, without having to walk back and forth across the hangar.”

Alan Sumption

Innovation Lead at the KLM UKE Innovation Department


More functionalities in the pipeline

The tablet device can be viewed as a base platform with the potential to host many other solutions. It's already been linked to several projects currently being overseen by the KLM UKE Innovation Department.

“Our engineers are working to develop an application that will enable users to order parts directly via the tablet. Next year we'll be adding an application to distribute work orders for our mechanics, which will mean better task planning and further optimisation of hangar visit.”

Other facilities eyeing digitization

Norwich isn't the only KLM UKE site already equipped with tablets.

“These are very useful tools for line maintenance, as the teams are working in an outdoor environment that's often some distance from IT stations. We started with line maintenance operations in Edinburgh and we're working to continue deployment at other sites.”

Whether on the ramp or in hangars, the tablets enables our team to work as efficiently as possible, while also improving compliance. The Innovation Department at KLM UK Engineering is moving forward with multiple projects to accelerate digitization at its maintenance centres.