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Component Adaptive Solutions

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As an Airline-MRO, we understand the need for optimum flexibility when it comes to managing component solutions. Every customer is different, which is why, in addition to our broad-spectrum pooling and component support programs, we also offer tailor-made individual solutions. These enable you to repair your components in an efficient closed-loop process, PBE (Powered By Event) with Time & Material (T&M) prices, or with flat rates, and are especially convenient for customers who need to keep their options open in terms of MRO management for individual components.


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With our vast range of component services at your disposal, no option is out of reach. If you need a given component for a pre-determined time, leasing may be the optimum solution: from our stockpile, we can loan you any available part to meet your immediate operational requirements (24/7 AOG services). Using our Loan/Lease pool is an easy and effective way to ensure your on-time performance. As a more cost-effective alternative to OEM maintenance programs, we also offer a wide range of DOA/DER-approved Repairs.

To go further: Situation changed? No problem! Loans can be converted into exchanges or outright sales if needed, as these customer-level services are designed for maximum adaptability.

Choose the solution type that’s right for you:

Standard Powered by Event (PBE) with T&M (Time & Material) conditions or Tailored solutions, such as flat rates (excluding parts) or all-inclusive rates.


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With repair centers in China, Europe, India, Singapore and USA, we provide local solutions for our customers. In addition, our Regional logistics centers in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Miami, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore ensure the availability of worldwide logistics solutions. All components are dual release certified EASA and FAA for and the majority of them are also certified to CAAC and TCCA standards. We are on compliance with other legislations available upon request – tell us what you need!

More information on our worldwide logistics solutions


IDG & VFSG Solutions

Thanks to our state-of-the-art electrical power generation equipment and technologies, centres of excellence and highly skilled technicians, we offer repair capabilities for IDGs and VFSGs at competitive costs, conditions and turnaround times (TATs).

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