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Engine part repairs solutions

To manage your cost of ownership

Repairing engine part is the most cost effective and sustainable way of keeping your engine flying. ​ ​ More than ever, during the ongoing crisis, repair is the solution to restore the potential of your engine parts at a competitive price.​ ​

The right repair at the right price for engine parts

As an operator, for a long time our mantra has been ‘repair rather than replace whenever possible”. ​ ​ That’s why we’re constantly developing innovative repair solutions to lower your cost of ownership. Of course, all our repairs are OEM-compliant, airlines and lessors know that choosing us to take care of their maintenance will preserve the asset value of their engines. ​

More information about our Engine Solutions

Rely on our highly skilled technicians

From the smallest to the biggest, like the fan mid shaft, your parts will be cared for by our extensive repair network and our centers of excellence in France and Netherlands. ​ Last but not least, to let you focus on your operations, you can rely on our global logistics network, facilitating transportation, and offering you a door-to-door service. ​

Dynamic innovation policy

We maintain partnerships with labs, universities and public organizations, and work in co-development with OEMs to ensure cutting-edge innovation.​ You also benefit from our dedicated innovations and development program “The MRO Lab”, as well as high-tech solutions.​

  • E-beam welding​
  • Laser cladding & welding​
  • Laser drilling
  • 5-axis machining
  • Metal spraying, including high velocity oxy-fuel coating
  • Electric discharge machining​
  • Vacuum furnace brazing​
  • Ultra High pressure water-stripping​
  • Water Jet Stripping​
  • Air Flow Test Bench​

“Lasers, thermal plasma, galvanization or high velocity metal spray coating are not science-fiction.”


CRMA, AFI KLM E&M Network, Engine Part Repairs design officer​

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For Engine type CF6-80C2, CF6-80E1, CFM56-7B, GEnx-1B

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For Engine type CFM56-5A/B/C, GE90-94/110/115 and GEnx-1B​

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