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On-Wing and On-Site Services

Engine Adaptive Solutions

Keep flying: We know what to do anywhere

What’s our secret to generating cost savings for our customers? A combination of on-wing/on-site operations and shop visits – and that’s why we’ve developed a range of these solutions to share with you.


On-wing / on-site operations per year


CFM & GE engines maintained


Years of experience

Whether it’s on-wing/on-site operations to fix technical issues and carry out preventive maintenance, or shop visits to restore engine performance - as an airline-MRO, we have unique insight into your operational challenges. We do everything possible to take the burden off you in the event of an AOG situation.

A vast range of engines supported







Why on-wing/on-site service is key for airlines

First, because in the event of an engine AOG situation, on-wing servicing is sometimes necessary to get an aircraft back in the air. Second, because scheduled on-wing and on-site operations are essential in order to meet your expected goals for time on-wing.

Our on-wing support teams can respond to your needs around the globe, with highly experienced mechanics able to operate autonomously for maximum flexibility.

GE90 expertise: as the launch company of the GE90-115B, we are at the forefront of the development of dedicated on-wing/on-site solutions (e.g. we have designed the graduated gage to measure HPC Stg1 Blades tip curls on the GE90 base engines, or have set capabilities to replace LPT6 blades on-site for both the GE90-94B and the GE90-115B)

In motion

On-Wing & On-Site Services

Key Benefits

  • Flexible and responsive services for shorter downtimes
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Adaptive turnkey solutions for optimized costs (from troubleshooting to engine repairs) leading to extended on-wing time
  • No engine shipping costs
  • No spare engine required

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On Wing Services

Technical support

We will be happy to supply any further information you may require concerning the engines solutions available.