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Engine Overhaul

Engine Adaptive Solutions

We do it all and do it better

We overhaul the engines used in our own fleet alongside those of customers at leading-edge shops in Paris and Amsterdam. We are continually investing in our infrastructure to make sure it stays at the technological forefront.


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Engine Shop (Schiphol-East)

Ranging from disassembly to repair and reassembly followed by validation tests, etc., the various stages in engine overhaul are carried out by our experts according to proven processes.

We offer our customers flexibility to align with their operational priorities allowing them to achieve the optimum trade-off between control over TAT, maintenance costs and time on-wing:

  • Fixed price: this solution enables customers to budget their engine overhaul costs avoiding unpleasant surprises
  • Time & Material: for even greater cost control the price is based on the time and materials needed for engine overhaul
  • Power By the Hour (PBH): this solution includes different types of services, risk is transferred to the MRO and the customer benefits of engine maintenance costs predictability.

Hospital Chain

As a launch airline or long-time operator of several engine types, we have developed acknowledged experience in identifying and correcting specific technical problems. We use the feedback from our fleet operations to devise targeted, tailor-made work scopes while keeping TAT to a minimum.

Our Hospital Chain solutions allow customers to control their operational risks and costs through an appropriate preventive policy, as well as answer their needs for unscheduled repairs, based on our slot flexibility. In the end, we build together customized solutions matching your operational constraints, your engines technical status, your TAT and your reliability requirements.

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