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Experts in APU & pneumatic maintenance

Netherlands based EPCOR is one of our wholly-owned subsidiaries offering overhaul and repairs for APUs, including the latest APS5000 for Boeing 787 aircraft. With longstanding experience, availability pools, state- of-the-art test cell facilities and the latest predictive maintenance software allow ECPOR to deliver best in class services for her customers. As part of Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance we know what is important for an airline, we don’t like surprises either. We are flexible and adaptive to the ever changing environment. We are the global innovation hotspot for APUs. We are EPCOR.


APU shop visits made since 2006


Boeing 777 and 787 worldwide APU repairs performed by EPCOR


APU’s currently monitored, 24/7


Pneumatics components supported per year

EPCORs philosophy

Five values drive our actions:

  • Global Innovation hotspot for APUs and Pneumatic Components
  • State-of-the-art concepts for repair and availability
  • Constantly analyzing and continuously improving
  • Strong relationships with OEMs
  • Employer of choice

BEST4YOU - Wendell APU Technician

"I have a passion for technique and doing something you love and sharing it every day is always better in a team"

EPCORs services

  • Maintenance, repair & overhaul of APUs
  • Maintenance, repair & overhaul of Pneumatic components
  • Predictive maintenance system: Prognos for APU
  • AOG support
  • OEM warranty repairs for Honeywell, UTAS and Pratt & Whitney
  • Power by the Hour | Time and Material payment models
  • Lease & Exchange options
  • Single Component Solutions services for Boeing 737 | 777 | 787 (ACM and CAC module)
  • State-of-the-art test facilities

EPCOR capabilities


APU type

Aircraft type


Embraer EMB170/190


Airbus A318 until A321


Boeing 787

Honeywell GTCP 131-9A

Airbus A318 until A321

Honeywell GTCP 131-9B

Boeing 737NG

Honeywell GTCP 131-9C

Airbus A220

Honeywell GTCP 331-350

Airbus A330/340

Honeywell GTCP 331-500

Boeing 777

Pneumatic components & single component solutions

With over 320 pneumatic component repair capabilities, EPCOR can support your operations with multiple repair and payment models. As part of AFI and KLM E&M EPCOR can offer you full-pool support with access and/or exchange of your components. In addition, EPCOR can also repair your components based on closed loop repair. We introduce to you: POWERED BY EVENT.

More info about EPCOR pneumatic components solutions

Air Cycle Machines (ACM) from various aircraft types like Embraer 170/190, Boeing 737, 777 and 787 and the Cabin Air Compressor (CAC) Modules from the Boeing 787 are also available as a SCS concept. EPCOR is fully capable of testing the Boeing 787 Cabin Air Compressor at the workshop. Configurations can easily be changed per your request. No need to perform this configuration change(s) at the hangar, your airline will save valuable time. EPCOR SCS is offered on a Time and Material Basis or with a Fixed Pricing Model.

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