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Press release

AFI KLM E&M signs a new component support contract with IAMCO for NATO’S AWACS fleet

Paris, Amstelveen, June 8, 2022

AFI KLM E&M will carry out aircraft component maintenance in Amsterdam for NATO’S fleet of E-3A AWACS.

AFI KLM E&M and IAMCO, in charge of depot maintenance for NATO’S fleet of E-3A AWACS, have announced that a 10-year component support agreement by the MRO has been reached. As part of the agreement, AFI KLM E&M will be in charge of closed-loop component maintenance services for NATO’s 14 AWACS, mainly for a wide range of avionics and hydraulic components and customized engineering support.

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Proven military product expertise and know-how

This agreement follows previous contracts within the same scope, between both entities. IAMCO recognizes and commends the AFI KLM E&M’s capacity to design and deliver customized, high-level support for AWACS and its ability to create solutions tailored to the hybrid technologies, which combine traditional and new generations that equip NATO’S AWACS fleet. In addition to the successful ventures between both entities, AFI KLM E&M boasts extensive experience and skill in the AWACS military product, particularly as a result of the support provided to NATO and French Air Force fleets.

“The trust our company has in AFI KLM E&M’s AWACS services, which combine expertise, quality and adaptability. AFI KLM E&M will be a front-line partner in component maintenance for NATO’s E-3A AWACS, as was the case during our previous ventures.”

Max Kuchler

IAMCO General Manager

“It is an honour that IAMCO has once again chosen us for this vital maintenance to keeping NATO’s E-3A AWACS flight-ready. This agreement is the proof of our Group’s military product expertise and we are fully committed to continuing our support to NATO’s fleet of AWACS and also to our partnership with IAMCO.”

Ton Dortmans

Executive Vice President KLM Engineering & Maintenance

Press contact

Communication Department