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Aerostructures Adaptive Solutions

Cost-effective solutions for your Aerostructures

Our capabilities range from pure metal Aerostructures work, to metal bonded honeycomb sandwich solutions and right up to advanced composite repairs. Our expertise has served as the basis for developing capabilities on new generation aircraft involving greater use of composites, such as the 787 and the A350.


repairs or overhauls


customers worldwide


Very large-size autoclaves


Bruno, Aerostructures technician

Operational experience

As an airline-MRO, we have an intimate knowledge of parts lifecycle and optimized maintenance programs. Based on this experience, we can also provide you with customized training, both theoretical and practical.

Preventive maintenance

Whether you need a homebased or an outstation intervention, we dispatch a working team of specialists. Our preventive maintenance range of solutions improves the control of maintenance costs, and includes on-wing inspections or repairs, as in case of AOG.

Continuous improvement

We continuously invest in both facilities and modern equipment to maintain its recognized level of quality:

More information about AMES

  • In 2015, opening of our latest workshop Helios, at Paris CDG Airport: 18,500sq.m, 250+ experts and large-capacity engineering resources designed for former and new-generation modules, including A380, A350 and 787
  • AMES (JV AFI KLM E&M-Safran Nacelles) capabilities expansion with new autoclave to broaden the range of available repairs: nacelle, radome, flight control…
  • Cross-fertilization programs between Helios and AMES to mutualize engineering and technical know-how
  • Lean Six Sigma (LSS) principles, and new materials (composites), new technologies and industrial solutions; to lower costs and shorten turnaround times
  • AFI KLM E&M, among the four operators worldwide is the only MRO with extremely advanced 787 nacelle capabilities
  • 5 clean rooms, protected against contamination and 7 large cells for painting solutions.

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