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LEAP engine adaptive solutions

LEAP Engine: adaptive solutions to keep you off the ground

We have a long background with the CFM56, GEnx engines and LEAP* (the «baby» GEnx). Choosing AFI KLM E&M means relying on one of the most experienced LEAP maintenance providers.

The only bad choice is no choice at all

Through an OEM agreement, we are able to perform all kinds of On-Wing and MRO services for LEAP engine. Our highly skilled teams offer you an alternative and complementary offer on the LEAP engine maintenance market.


Leandro, LEAP Engine technician

Are you searching for availability?

Are you searching for availability? As multi-site MRO we can guarantee slots for you as well as Quick Turns, On-wing & Site support, and other services like light engine maintenance, LRU support and/or training courses.


Based on our 100 years of experience in satisfying our customers’ demands to be agile and responsive at all times, We have developed a superior ability to adapt to change and support our customers in a changing environment. We know how to adjust maintenance operations to fit to the airlines’ reality. As an Airline-MRO, we have an intimate knowledge of operator’s constraints, and we put this insight to work for you in these turbulent times.


Capabilities tailored to operator needs

Based on our long-term expertise and know-how on engine life cycles, we are able to perform adapted repair capabilities from early stage to maturity period of operation. LEAP engine is no exception and can benefit of our wide range of MRO solutions developed to support the operators ranging from inspection, Quick Turns (incl. hot section) & hospital chain to shop visits.

PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE: Big Data for enhanced performance

LEAP engine operators can benefit from the «PROGNOS® for Engine» system. This innovative and exclusive solution makes use of operation data to track performance in real time and predict weaknesses & failures. Based on Big Data, PROGNOS® for Engine delivers significantly lower maintenance costs at the same time as it maximizes on-wing engine lifespans and avoid network burdens. Predict engine defects to direct your maintenance operations more precisely than ever with three different solutions, which can be chosen individually or combined in a package:

More information about PROGNOS® for Engine

  • Short-term daily monitoring - No Data and Urgent Alerts
  • Mid-term weekly monitoring - Normal Alerts and email reports
  • Long-term monthly monitoring - Degradation Trends and Predictive Maintenance Planning

ON WING/ON SITE SERVICES: Keep flying, we know what to do anywhere

We are one of the first suppliers of MRO services to be able to assist LEAP operators worldwide in carrying out the onwing/ on-site work. The scope of these interventions is tailored to your requirements, and may include activities like, power plant build-up, borescope inspection, and line replaceable unit (LRU) replacement services, among many others. As an Airline-MRO, we have provided support for initial operations for new engines on many occasions for our parent and third-party client airlines. As such have developed extensive expertise for on-wing/ on-site work in particular, as well as building up skilled, experienced teams. Our extensive global line maintenance network means we can work very closely for airlines operating the LEAP engine, anywhere in the world.

More information about On-Wing/On-Site services


More information about our approvals

  • EASA/FAA LEAP-1A & 1B Line Maintenance
  • EASA/FAA LEAP-1B Overhaul
  • CAAC, GCAA, PACA, TCCA (other certificates will be obtained as soon as needed)

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