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LEAP engine adaptive solutions

LEAP engine equipping the new generation aircraft

It succeeds the hugely successful CFM56 powerplant, on which we have developed in-depth knowledge over a decade and more. We have also demonstrated our adaptability when faced with the challenge of integrating new engines such as the GEnx.

Ongoing industrialization

To develop our LEAP capability, we placed it on a "lean" continuous improvement footing right from the outset. We have worked on the LEAP with a dedicated team that was involved right from the start of the offer development process. We have injected a mix of skills into the team to encourage knowledge sharing and to develop in-depth understanding of the engine and cutting-edge know-how. Today, the LEAP team is deploying very positive energy and concentrating on continuously improving its skills. This is an important factor for this still-young engine, which will potentially see many further improvements and innovations.


Marvin, LEAP Engine technician

The Group has thus become one of the first suppliers of MRO services able to assist LEAP operators worldwide during the entry into operational service phase. Our teams can intervene on activities such as engine build-up, borescope inspection, TGB & AGB removal and line replaceable unit (LRU) replacement services, among many others, in response to the requirements of operating airlines.

“TUI is very satisfied with the services delivered by AFI KLM E&M teams in respect of the engine build-up. We are well aware of the quality and reliability of the MRO Group's work, carrying out on-wing/on-site interventions on Boeing 787s for TUI airlines, and we thus confidently looked to their expertise for this LEAP workscope.”

Anders Nordkvist

Head of Powerplant & End of Lease, TUI Group Engineering & Maintenance

Parallel work

Depending on the workscope, we also are able to assist customers in other areas related to maintenance work on the LEAP engine, such as:

  • Aircraft / engine consultancy,
  • Tooling and component support,
  • Quick Turns,
  • Shop Visits,
  • On-Wing & On-Site Services.

Key benefits

  • Capability extension at a proven and major MRO
  • Better understanding of airline concerns
  • Alternative on the market
  • On-Wing and on-site support
  • Dedicated hospital chains to fix technical issues with short TAT
  • A multi-product MRO, also able to propose none-engine related services


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